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    • Interests: Hockey, sailing, archery, guitar, piano, poetry, old trees, tall grass, bottom lips, big eyes, soft cookies, cheeze wiz

    • Favorite quote: "Be courageous."

    • Things that inspire me: A brilliantly composed or sung song, a brilliantly written or acted film, black and white photography, hearing people laugh.

    • But I find I'm most alive when I'm acting or writing or directing. I'm not a fan of dead time or standing still. I always have to be moving. I always have to be doing or thinking of something.

    • To relax, I: Make nachos and watch movies. And or...sit in a park and play music...And or...have a long shower.

    • If I had one wish, it would be: To inspire people.

    • In the next year I see myself: Starting production on the feature film adaptation of In Between, finishing production on a short film..staying in love and catching up with the people I've been away from.

    • When I'm not working, I'm: Napping, writing, or strumming my guitar.

    • Tattoos: How many do you have, and what do they mean? I have 4 Tattoos with 2 on their way.

      I have a Tribal Sign on my left pec. It's the first tattoo I got. I had visited the shop about 8 times before, and that particular design always called to me. A week or so after I turned 18 I went in and I got it. I have no idea of its origin or meaning.

      I have a Japanese word on my right deltoid. It means "Tranquility". It was the closest translation I could get to "Relax". When I was in university I used to have the word RELAX written in big black bold letters on a piece of paper next to my mirror. This was just an extension of what that meant to me..but on my body. So I could see it in every mirror.

      Below that tattoo I have a "Red Maple Leaf" the size of a half dollar. I'm from Canada. I'm proud.

      On my left wrist, in courier font, I have the last name of my friend Andre Noble that passed away a few weeks before I left for my journey to New Zealand. He was a gifted actor and the best soul I have ever encountered. He and I were founders of an acting ensemble in Toronto. We acted opposite each other in the play that I wrote (In Between). Together we had some very big plans and were writing a new play and screenplay together. I put NOBLE on my wrist to always remind to try and be noble in my life and art and so he's always on my pulse.

    • Favorite Musicians: Radiohead, Beastie Boys, White Stripes, Hot Hot Heat, The Doors, Zeppelin, Broken Social Scene, Beatles, Sloan, Pixies,

    • Favorite Actors: Andre Noble, River Phoenix, Johnny Depp, Michael Caine, Phillip Seymore Hoffman, Matt Damon, Jake Gyllenhaal, John Travolta, Pacino, Brando, Ian McKellen, Ewan McGregor, Ethan Hawke

    • Favorite Filmmakers: Wes Anderson, P.T Anderson, Woody Allen, Ron Howard, John Hughes

    • Favorite Films: The Last Starfighter, Back to the Future, The Graduate, Pulp Fiction, Parenthood, Giant, Anything with River Phoenix

    • He studied film at both Centennial and Humbert College.

    • Won an writing award for his first short film, "If Six Were Nine".

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