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  • he rock my world XD . he's 100% a hottie ...omG! too seXy!

    he's talented, he's cute, he's beautiful,he's gorgeous,he's sexi, he's super hot!,i totally looooooooove him! OmG =) i wish he continue this way and become a huge hollywood star =)

    i loove to see him acting ! he's so good and sexy! i liked so much him on one three hill.. i only saw it because of him! =) haha i like everything about him! i wish to meet him someday.. he is a 10+ guy! haha i wish my boyfriend to be like him! .. ahh and i also loved american pie 4 , hehe too funny.. i will like to see more movies of him =)
  • He is just awesome!!!

    The first time I really got to see Matt to be more than a "nice guy" was when I saw him in Commander in Chief. But he was still just a handsome guy who I knew nothing about.
    I think the first time I got curies about him was when I saw him in One Tree Hill where he played PsychoDerek\Ian. He had a creepy role, but he did it absulotly awesome!!!

    Despite the fact he was a stalker, he seemed like a fine guy. So can you blame a girl for loving him?

    I don't like what he played in OTH espaiceally since I love Peyton and I think the writers has something against her :P, but he did a great job playing a psycho.

    I really hope to see him more, so someone Pleas give him a show!
  • Well he's a hottie! and I really hope he knows it ! :) he is talented and charming. He ROCKS MY WORLd! more inside.....

    He is perfect! I dont know what to say ... his eyes his lips his face his body ... and over all that he is soooooo Talented and I can see a very bright future ahead of him! and I hope he makes it there :) he is soooooooooooo SEXI. He did so good in One Tree Hill. I have to admit he did scare the crap out of me when I saw his episode but I was also amazed on how someone can really act like that! He's young and has such talent that attracts many towards him. I like him loads!
  • A extremly talented actor. His work in One Tree Hill is so believable.

    In One Tree Hill, he plated pyscho derek and I was scared because he did such a amazing job. I believed he was evil and crazy and that is not an easy thing to do. He is extremly talented and not bad looking either. His work with One Tree Hill was so great that it took a bad plotline and made it in to something extrodinary. In everything he does he shines. I can't wait for him to star in a big movie so everyone can see his talents. His acting is really good and he is extremely talented. His work is worthwhile.
  • He's amazing!!!

    I can't remember when I first saw Matt playing. I never paid attention to him more than "nice actor" and "he's handsome"..
    Then, I saw him on 'One Tree Hill' and thought he's familiar, but I didn't knew where from. He's hot and saucy, he is an awesome actor and he is very talented. So can you blame a girl for loving him?

    Although he plays Psycho Derek on OTH, I can't help it.. I just love him ;)
    I hate his role on the show 'cause I like Peyton and think she had been through enough, but I think he's doing a great job playing him.

    Hope to see him in more great projects
  • Matt Barr blows me away everytime I see him!

    I have three words to describe his role as Psycho Derek:

    So freakin' scary!

    Yet he's SO DAMN HOT!!!

    It's great to see someone commit to a role, and scare the sh*t out of everyone - yet have everyone love him at the same time.

    Matt Barr as Psycho Derek has me seeing him in many future roles. It truly proves how talented Matt is - from the brotherly type to a plain psycho stalker!

    With the cliff hanger in "Prom Night at Hater High", I cannot wait until the next episode where Psycho Derek has Peyton hostage!

    Oh and I really want to see "Ten Inch Hero" because a LOT of OTH alumni are in it (Danneel Harris, the girl that plays Shelly who's real name has escaped me and finally, Matt) AND because of Jensen Ackles with a mohawk! LoLz!
  • He's hot, new, and on the rise. I hope he gets some more involved roles, because I think he's a great actor.

    I saw American Pie Band Camp, and thought that he was good for the movie, thoguh I wondered why I hadn't seen him before, and if he was new. I'm also a big fan of One Tree Hill and read about that he would be starring as Peyton's brother, from (Intrnational Movie DataBase), and was really excited to see how he performed. I was not disappointed. Even though he startes out just popping in at the end, I couldn't wait for the next episode. He's great for the part, as a stalker. He was creepy and perfect for the part. I really hope to see him more.
  • I think that Matt is the next big thing!! Great actor, handsome man, and an all around beautiful person!!!!.....Misty (your Jenny)

    Everything that he has done is great, i have seen every episode of commander and cheif and he was amazing, the movie band camp might not have been everyone's fav but matt was also great in that!! Also, over there is one of my fav shows and when i found out he was in it, i was so excited! Keep it up Matthew!!