Matt Bentley

Matt Bentley


12/10/1979, Clinton, Iowa, USA

Birth Name

Matthew James Bentley



Also Known As

Michael Shane, Matt Bentley, Michael, The New Franchise, Omega Griffin and The Pit Bull, Maverick Matt, Michael, The New Franchise, Omega Griffin, The Pit Bull
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Matt Bentley is an American professional wrestler most known for his work on Total Nonstop Action(TNA). He was trained by his cousin, World Wrestling Entertainment(WWE) superstar Shawn Michaels. He was also trained by Paul Diamond and Rudy Boy Gonzales.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Bentley and his friends created a band named Lost in Chaos.

    • Bentley joined TNA in 2003.

    • On October 2006 edition of TNA IMPACT!, Bentley appeared in the "Raven's Perch" section of the IMPACT! Zone bleachers, debuting a goth look.

    • In August 2007, Bentley's TNA contract expired and was not renewed.

    • He was trained by Shawn Michaels.

    • Matt was born in Clinton, Iowa and when he was young his family moved to Tampa, Florida where he currently resides today and when he is introduced he is said to be billed from San Antonio, Texas.
      He has had the following in-ring names/nicknames of Matt Bentley, Michael, Michael Shane, The New Franchise, Omega Griffin and The Pit Bull.
      He has feuded with Chris Sabin, Frankie Kazarian, James Storm, Norman Smiley, Paul London and Petey Williams.
      His moves include Belly-to-Belly Suplex Turnbuckle Smash, Elevated Bow-and-Arrow Hold, Fisherman's DDT, Picture-Perfect (Flying) Elbow, Springboard Corkscrew Attack Suicida, Sweet Shane Music (Superkick) & Topè Con Hilo.

    • He reverted to using his original name after threats of a lawsuit from WWE.

    • He is related with Shawn Michaels of WWE fame. His former ring name, "Michael Shane", was a play on that name.

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