Matt Chapman

Matt Chapman


11/1/1976, Indiana

Birth Name

Matthew Chapman



Also Known As

Voice of Homestar Runner, Matt Chapman, The Brothers Chap
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The Brothers Chaps (real-life siblings Mike and Matt Chapman) are the creators of They create the cartoons using Macromedia Flash out of their home in Decatur, Georgia, just south of Atlanta. They are sometimes referred to by the acronym TBC. In 1996 during the Olympics in Atlanta,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Matt and his brother Mike designed a web site for the Mellow Mushroom chain of pizza restaurants. Though not Homestar Runner related, the layout of the site is similar to, and includes a cartoon.

    • Matt Chapman plays "Rather Dashing" in the Peasant's Quest movie trailer found on

    • Matt sings "These Peoples Try to Fade Me" as Coach Z. The song was later put onto the CD Strong Bad Sings And Other Type Hits.

    • Takes interest in Vince Guaraldi Trio

    • Matt composed some of the music for Sealab 2021.

    • Matt has a Bacon Number of 2, meaning, in the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, Matt is just two degrees from Kevin Bacon. Matt was in All the Real Girls (2003) with Benjamin Mouton, and Benjamin Mouton was in Flatliners (1990) with Kevin Bacon.

    • According to some people, Matt was a highschool dropout.

    • Matt Chapman's Homestar Runner site has new features listed every week IE, Random toons, Quote of the Week, etc, but Toons and Games get updated every months or so. Other characters originated from Strong Bad emails, which only get updated whenever possible.

    • Has a quote of the week on in which he voices several character's quotes and dubs them on the website.

    • Randomly creates drawings for very non-relative Homestar Runner character costumes every week.

    • Matt Chapman's brother, Mike, a University of Georgia alumnus, is responsible for most of the Macromedia Flash animation, the technical aspects of the site, and provides intentionally poor imitations of his brother's voice work for the Powered by The Cheat cartoon series on

    • Matt and Mike Chapman announced at Flashforward 2006 (Convention for best flash animation design) that Missy Palmer, Mike Chapman's wife, is pregnant.

    • Matt Chapman based Marzipan (Homestar Runner cartoons) on Mike Chapman's wife.

    • Matt's sister-in-law, Melissa Palmer, had to record her voice under a bed sheet at the start of Homestar Runner cartoons to eliminate background noise, unlike Matt Chapman who just did it when it was convenient.

    • Matt Chapman and Mike Chapman are currently developing a new game called "Thy dungeonman 3" on It was created by videlectrix, but was started in a Strong Bad email. The difference between all the other Thy Dungeonmans is that the new Thy Dungeonman has graphics, instead of simple Text adventures.

    • NASA Deep Impact Mission Participation Certificate #526254 was presented to The Brothers Chaps in the name of Homestar Runner on January 23, 2004.

    • He likes Onion Straws. He describes them as "Dismantled Awesome Blossoms."

    • When Mike and Matt Chapman were toddlers, Mike fed Matt cupcakes with toothpaste in them. Matt retaliated by feeding Mike toast with vinegar.

    • His favorite character (On is Homestar Runner.

    • He and his wife Jackie own a cat named Mabel (seen in website). Jackie helped write "Tis True, Pom Pom, Tis True" (A cartoon) with Matt.

    • Matt appears briefly as an audience member in one episode of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"

    • Matt also did voices for Preschool Protocops and some voices for webtoons and radio commercials for Mellow Mushroom.

    • Matt once worked for the Internet company Earthlink.

    • The "little girl" who appears in the puppet shorts of is the daughter of one of the Chapmans' other siblings. Other Little Girl also lives in Georgia, but it is unknown if she is also a daughter of one of the Chapmans' siblings.

    • His parents, affectionately referred to as "Strong Dad" and "The Mother Chaps" are Don and Harriet Chapman.

  • Quotes

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    Matt Chapman- voice provider of Homestar Runner and several other characters from He is awesome!
  • Matt Chapman is the person who does all the voices on, except Marzipan and Powered-by-the-cheats.

    Matt chapman is totally awesome! He made the best website on the web, next to this and my Homestar forum, Homestar Runner dot com. It's 40% of my internet time. It's caused phrases as "Holy Crap!" and "DELETED!!!" to become phrases kids use. Like mentioned in Mike's review, without Homestar, I wouln't be on forums right now.