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Surfer and skater Matt from Cronulla in Sydney's south was the very last auditionee for Australian Idol this year and the very first to be make it into the top 12. It was renditions of hits by one of his own Idols, Stevie Wonder (first with "Superstition" and…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • During the time Matt was on Australian Idol, he was forced to ring the police after he and fellow contestant, Marty Simpson, were continuously hounded by paparazzi.

    • Following Matt's performance of Got to Get You into My Life on the "Disco" episode of Australian Idol, judge Mark Holden awarded him a 'touchdown'. He received another 'touchdown' after his performance of Bitter Sweet Symphony on the "Brit pop" episode. His third 'touchdown' came after his performace of The Music of the Night on the "Judge's Choice" episode of Australian Idol.

    • Matt described his feeling at his first Australian Idol audition as being excited and anxious.

    • Some of Matt's favorites:
      Matt's favorite TV programs: Seinfeld, Heroes and Friends
      Matt's favorite film: The Princess Bride
      Matt's favorite album is Beneath the Medicine Tree
      Matt's favourite song is California
      Matt's favorite food: beef macaroni
      Matt's favorite color: blue
      Matt's favorite sport: surfing

    • Matt's first job was working at South Beach Seafood.

    • Following Matt's rendition of 20 Good Reasons on Australian Idol, an audience member threw a bunch of red roses on stage.

    • Matt was the last auditionee for the 2007 season of Australian Idol, and also the first make it into the top 12.

    • Matt's girlfriend's name is Elyse. She attended the same high school as Matt and featured in the video footage used for his disco performance.

    • Following his performnce of Bitter Sweet Symphony on the "Brit Pop" episode of Australian Idol, judge Mark Holden awarded him a 'touchdown'.

    • During Australian Idol Matt revealed he was planning on waiting for the daughter of the pastor at his church to finish her HSC exams, before he asked her father for permission to date her.

  • Quotes

    • Matt: I would love to sing Big Band because its flippin' awesome singing with an entire ensemble.

    • Matt: (asked when he first realized he wanted to become a singer) I got pushed up on stage in Year 2 to sing a Sister Act song.

    • Matt: (on being a contestant on "Australia Idol") I'm okay at the moment. It has been a real rollercoaster of emotions. I've been up and down the whole time. There's been so many days where I wanted to quit. No one understands what we go through. It's more than a TV show--it's a massive life experience. But I'm really happy that I've copped it on the chin and kept going.

    • Matt: (asked which artist - dead or alive - he would like to perform a duet with) Elvis because he is God.

    • Matt: (on the best thing about being on "Australian Idol") Being seen and sharing with Australia what I've got.

    • Matt: (following the revelation he had made it to the top 12 in "Australian Idol") I promised I wouldn't cry, so I'm trying to hold it back! I don't know what to feel.

    • Matt: (on the coverage he received during auditions for "Australian Idol") I felt like crap getting through. I was quite apologetic to the others. Even though I can't control the editing, I feel like not everyone got a fair run. Poor Junior - he has one of the best voices and he just really didn't get a look-in. It definitely wasn't faair and they were pushing some people a lot more than others.

    • Matt: (on the girl he is waiting for) She's not my girlfriend but she's a good girl. We're just waiting until I finish Idol and she finishes school. I'm reserved when it comes to stuff like this because I don't really want people knowing intimate details.

    • Matt: (on appearing on "Australian Idol") I've seen written on some of the forums that I'm the new Dean Geyer, and that bothers me a little bit. I just have to prove that I have substance to my voice and performances. I don't want to be seen as that person who got through because he has this look - that's not why I'm here.