Matt Czuchry

Matt Czuchry


5/20/1977, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA

Birth Name

Matthew Czuchry


  • Behind the scenes of The Good Wife
  • Behind the scenes of The Good Wife
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Before he became an actor, Matt was a popular guy. He played NCAA tennis, and captained his college team. Matt impressed the WB execs so much in his short stint on Young Americans in 2000, that they gave him a call again when they needed someone to play…more


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    • Matt: (On being cast in 'Young Americans') When you first come out to LA, it takes some people believing in you. You need some champions to get the ball rolling. Jason Wood and Steven Antin championed me. They saw something that they wanted to put in the project and that's how that one happened for me. I was fresh off the boat and it really takes somebody to say, "We see something in this guy. We want him to be on our show!" I'm completely grateful for that.

    • Matt: (On family life growing up) My brother, Mike, is really a hero to me and it has to do because he would allow my imagination to take over. We'd create these characters and we'd tell each other stories. I was so fortunate to grow up in a family that valued using your imagination and I just never let go of that.

    • Matt (On Gilmore Girls): This is a great show and to be a part of it is a huge responsibility and they were amazingly supportive of me coming onto the show. That's really an honor to have had them so supportive from the network to the studio to the creators of the show. It's just pretty amazing and I'm so thankful to be on the show.

    • Matt: (About David Rosenthal) You know David Rosenthal has been incredibly kind and incredibly hard-working as far as the season is concerned. So it's been really rewarding working with him as far as him taking over and being executive producer. He's done a great job with the story lines. The way this last part of the season is gonna go is a big transition from the first part of the season that I think fans will really enjoy. And just working with him personally...he's been incredibly kind to me and supportive and it's been great.

    • Matt: To come into [Gilmore Girls] and be a part of that was very surreal and fantastic in the same time... The day-to-day aspects of my life have been the same, but it's the exterior things that have changed. It's things like being recognized or being on the cover of TV Guide. These are kind of large things that you can never prepare for. They just kind of happen. It's a beautiful thing, but life is not all about those things.

    • Matt: (Matt loves tennis and was an NCAA tennis player while in college) I played tennis my whole life. I played throughout high school and college. It was a pretty special way of growing up. I was just never good enough to go pro, but that's just fine by me. I learned a lot about life, about leadership, all kinds of things. I don't miss it. I'm on to different things. I've never had a master plan for my life. I played tennis because I loved it. I act because I love it and everything else just evolves naturally out of that.

    • Matt (On his Gilmore Girls' character, Logan): Logan's not a bad guy. He's just living life, you know, and trying to get Rory to live a little too. So, Rory is doing some bad things because Logan is. Is that such a terrible thing? It's just fun. Plain and simple fun.

    • Matt: I use music a lot when I am on the set to get myself into the right frame of mind or to get myself to experience a certain emotion. I would never call myself a musician though. I do play guitar, but only when no one is watching.

    • Matt: Alexis' tender soul is matched only by her courage to be authentic in a world that demands her stardom.

    • Matt: Alexis is a dear friend of mine. We trust and respect each in all aspects of our lives. I look forward to days when I get a chance to see her.

  • Matt Czuchry, as Logan certainly gives the character the kind of dimensionality that makes him endearing to the audience. No matter what trouble he gets into. Logan then becomes a character that one could say is possible in the real world.moreless

    Watching the Gilmore Girls has certainly become an adventure from beginning up to the sixth season. I certainly can\'t wait to view season seven, but since I’m from the Philippine then I will have to wait till next year to find out what happens to our favorite characters. To all of you who have the privilege of watching it every time it comes out on the WB, I certainly envy you.

    One character that I have certainly noticed and adds color to the wonderful cast is Matt Czuchry as Logan. At first I did not think that he would become a regular character but as the fifth season unfolds, Logan suddenly becomes Rory’s boyfriend. Hence making Matt Czuchry a regular on the show, one would know since he’s already part of the opening credits.

    Logan as a character can look simple at times, seeming to be the usual rich pampered brat but then there are times when he is seen as compassionate and full of depth. A young man being pushed into a life he obviously does not wish to live, Logan finds everyway he can to escape and rebel. Then Rory Gilmore enters or visa versa since they did cross paths. After a few ups and downs, Rory becomes a very important part of Logan’s life and hence at the end of season six Peter Pan is forced to grow up.

    Matt Czuchry, as Logan certainly gives the character the kind of dimensionality that makes him endearing to the audience. No matter what trouble he gets into. Logan then becomes a character that one could say is possible in the real world. Not many actors can actually accomplish this in a short amount of time. Matt Czuchry shows the kind of talent that can be rough around the edges at times but certainly has potential. I anticipate much growth from him in his craft and he certainly shows it on the screen. When the audience is able to forget the name of the actor playing a character and associate that character with someone real then I would have to say that the actor is doing a great job. It’s like how one forgets that Tom Hanks is the one playing Forest Gump, hence the Oscar win, and how one keeps thinking its Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible no matter how strong the character of Ethan Hunt is. I certainly wish Matt Czuchry all the best in his acting career and would definitely want to see more work from him outside of the show. If he’s the kind of person I read about in interviews then I think the sky is the limit for this one. All we need to do is wait and see.moreless
  • Perfect Match for Rory!

    This is one character that has really developed in this episode. He matured from a rich playboy to a loving,commited boyfriend! Now the last thing we need to see is him finding his path in life whether it be in journalism or otherwise and STAYING WITH RORY! I really don\'t understand why people love to criticize this character because of him resenting his upbringing. He has every right to, who wouldn\'t when all your life you have had no say in it? He wants to step out of his father\'s shadow but lacks the strength, I think that he is a Loreli in the making! Which makes him good for Rory because of such strong similarities.moreless