Matt Dallas

Matt Dallas


10/21/1982, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

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Matthew Joseph Dallas


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Matthew Joseph Dallas was born on October 21, 1982 in Phoenix, Arizona. Matt is the oldest with 3 younger brothers. Ever since the age of 12, Matt wanted to become an actor. After his high school graduation, when he was 18 years old, he moved to Los Angeles.…more


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    • Matt: When I discovered the acting world at an early age I knew I had found my passion.

    • Matt: (Something people don't know about him) That I'm a huge dork. I spend a lot of time trying to pretend that I'm cool, but I'm a huge dork. It's important to me to have fun and be goofy and play around.

    • Matt: (Working on Kyle XY)We were together for about a month when we shot the pilot. Everybody working on the show is so great, the cast, producers, directors. The cast is so amazingly talented. Everyday I'm like wow, I'm so lucky to be working with these people.

    • Matt: (How he prepared for the role of Kyle XY) This role was like a newborn, an infant, so I spent a lot of time observing animals and children and the way their instincts work, and the way they react in their exploration of the world. I knew from there that I really had to grow this character, taking him from an infant and growing him into a man. Entering the second season, I need to evolve even past that. It was really about investigating and rediscovering each age group, I had to relive a person's entire life and experiences. It was really a unique experience to go through as an actor.

    • Matt: (How close the Kyle XY cast is) This is an extremely close cast. We work together and when we get off, we all play together. We're all extremely close. When there's a certain comfort level with the people you work with, it lets you really take chances and take risks and lets you do what you want to do.

    • Matt: (How he got the role for Kyle XY) My manager called me up one morning and said, 'you have an audition in about two hours to play this alien character who doesn't really know how to speak English.' And I said all right! I went over there and started working on it, went in for the audition that day, and later that night I went back for a callback. I went to meet with the studio and the network and later that week, I was cast in the show. I was literally, one of he last people to audition for this show.

    • Matt: (On how he got into acting) One day this theater company came to town and my grandma took me to an audition. Ever since that first day I knew that was what I wanted to do. I moved to L.A. as soon as I turned 18 and started doing the actor thing, looking for agents. It really took off. I was in L.A. for five years. I know some people will be here for ten, twenty years. I was in L.A. five years before Kyle happened. I've been pretty lucky. I worked hard.

    • Matt: (On how the Kyle XY has changed his life) It has been a huge change in that I kind of went from working day jobs and now I'm finding myself considered a real working actor. It's funny, I don't know. It definitely puts you on a different level, it feels like I'm a working actor and I'm finally getting to do what I love to do and I'm getting paid to do it, which is all so amazing. This is what I've worked for since I was twelve.

    • Matt (Talks about his 2007 New Year's Resolutions): You know what I need to do? I need to get to the gym next year. I want to start eating better, too. I want, overall, to be a little bit healthier. I want to be a little more at peace with myself. Marguerite MacIntyre, who plays Nicole Trager on Kyle XY, made me take a few yoga classes. It centers you and puts you in a much better place. I want to take a yoga class at least a couple of times a week.

    • Matt: Kyle XY launched my career and changed my life. At one point, I was working two jobs trying to get enough money to buy a car. I was having so little time for my acting. Now I just bought a Mercedes- with navigation, which is the best thing in the world. We started out as this small show on ABC Family. Who knew they'd be plastering giant posters of my face on buildings? I find myself having meetings with heads of studios! That's so crazy. I can't wait to start shooting next season.

    • (About his co-star Mischa Barton in James Blunt's music video "Goodbye My Lover")
      Matt: Being in love with Mischa Barton isn't that big a stretch. She is beautiful.

    • (About how old he looks)
      Matt: That's something people are surprised about when they meet me: I look older in person with facial hair-I'm lazy, so I hate shaving.

    • (On his eye color)
      Matt: Green. People tell me they change colors, but I'm stubborn. I say they're green.

    • Matt: Throw together the cookies, ice cream and hot fudge and I'm in heaven!

    • Matt: I don't go on a lot of dates, but my idea of a perfect one is to have no plan at all. It can take you anywhere.

    • Matt Dallas (speaking of Kyle XY): When I read the script, I was going back and forth. It was: "Is he an alien? Not really. I don't know."

    • Matt Dallas (Speaking of the show Kyle XY): Almost everything I've done has been pretty small compared to this.

    • Matt Dallas (speaking of his audition for Kyle XY): I got the call late morning that I had an audition that afternoon.

    • Matt Dallas: I'd never done laundry!

    • Matt Dallas: [The producers] wouldn't even let me see [the plan]. Kyle doesn't know what's going on. It was probably best for me to experience the same thing.

    • Matt Dallas (About being naked in the woods while filming Kyle XY): It was pretty uncomfortable.

  • Matt Dallas. My favorite actor in Kyle XY

    From the first time I saw him come to life in the woods in Season One first episode I fell in love with that beautiful smile. Matt I think you are a beautiful person inside out. It has been a pleasure watching the show. I'd hope that there would be more to view after Season Three. I was looking forward to more. I wish that the producers could create more of Kyle XY because I really enjoyed you all performance. I think you all did a great job protraying your characters. I fell in love with the whole family. It makes me sad that there are no more Seasons or Episodes.moreless
  • Matt was great in Kyle XY and The Indian! I have a hard time though accepting that he is dating Rebeca in Eastwick. That's kinda gross.

    Matt was very natural acting in Kyle XY and The Indian. His relationship with Roxie on Eastwick is a bit harder to believe. He fits the part of the boyfriend who is trying too hard to be perfect for a girlfriend who doesn't want to be with someone perfect. It's just awkward to see him with someone who could more likely be his mother than his girlfriend. I can't see this on screen romance lasting long, and I hope to see him in a starring role soon again. He's proven it's a role he can carry with scores of fans.moreless