Matt di Angelo

Matt di Angelo


8/6/1987, London, England, UK

Birth Name

Matthew Di Angelo


  • Hustle go to Birmingham: Robert Gleniste...
  • The Hustle cast of 2011
  • Hustle
  • Tom confronts Woodsy in Casualty
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Matt attended Southgate School (England), and started studying Acting, Singing and Dancing, at Boden Studios (Enfield/Barnet). Matt went on to the prestigious Sylvia Young Theatre School.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Matt Di'Angelo is gorgeous, u gotta admit...and in I Dream he was great!...

    Matt Di'Angelo in I Dream was brilliant..hes got a gorgeous voice and hes a terrific actor, cant wait to see him in EastEnders lol..pity he wont be singin but hey, we should see more of him on tv cos hes really talented and its a waste of talent if he isnt :)
  • Matt Di'Angelo is a rising star! He is on eastenders, and im sure he will turn out to be like the rest of the soap stars around.

    Matt is a talented actor, he has an outstanding talent in dancing and singing too. Since playing to role of Felix in I Dream, he has risen to have a few fans around. Before I Dream, i had never heard of him before, but it is clear nwo that he has some talent. He has proved he has got what it takes, by auditioning for Eastenders, and not so surprisingly he got in! Matt has alot to offer to his viewers and fans, Good looks, Great Voice and outstanding talent. This multi-talented guy can become extremely famous if he play a few other roles than the basic ones he has been playing recently.moreless