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Matt Dillion

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  • omg matt dillion marry me u r my idol

    he may just be one of the worst actors in the world he rushes his lines and cools off to quickly but his biggest fault is he wears too much clothing. i mean sure he takes his shirt of once in awhile but whats hiding under the pants hmmmmm? thats what i want to know. haha its gross cause hes like 3 years younger than my dad but im talking about the gold old days his golden years like tex, the outsiders and rumblefish. and the bad acting part i take back he really knows how to get into a character he made the characters in se hinton\'s books come alive. the only problem i have is when he makes out with diane lane in rumblefish i mean screw diane i wish it was me. i guess i was born in the wrong era. o well long live matt perhaps the hottest man alive excluding rob lowe and tommy howell. love ya matt and ur work u rock

    love blaire!!!!!(who loves matt)moreless