Matt Frewer

Matt Frewer


1/4/1958, Washington, District of Columbia, USA

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Matthew George Frewer


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Best known as that late '80s cyber-icon, Max Headroom, Matt Frewer is the son of a career Canadian Navy officer and was raised in Victoria, British Columbia and Ottawa, Ontario. His first love was sports, serving as quarterback on his high school football team, but a serious hockey…more


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    • Matt Frewer: (About how to voice an Australian Accent) [It's] A lot of work, then warming it up, making sure that you always talk in questions. I spent 11 years in England and I was trained over there, so the basic standard English accent is a good spot start. Everything is just slightly harsher. This guy is more of a Canberra accent. It's a little softer, as opposed to that really broad kind of Melbourne thing, but it's good fun to do.

    • Matt Frewer: (About his Eureka character) When they offered me the role and gave a brief sketchy outline of the character, it sounded interesting enough. But to put that guy in this environment, a town in the Pacific Northwest where basically none of the laws of physics apply, it was too good of a thing to pass up. It seemed weird enough to do well, and I just decided to jump in, and I'm really glad I did.

    • Matt Frewer: I'm not one of those actors that wants to direct necessarily. However I do want to produce and act in my own stuff, things I've written. I'm extremely fortunate to be doing what I'm doing. I'd do it for free but don't tell them that.

    • Matt Frewer: (When asked whether he preferred playing villains or heroes) Most definitely villains. There are expectations from the audience when you play the hero. But as a villain all bets are off and you have a much wider range.

    • Matt Frewer: (When asked if Max Headroom was his first big break) Sure. I would say so. I'd been in a lot of theater in England. But it was the first thing that made me visible.

    • Matt Frewer: (About voice over work for animated shows) I don't like it better. It has different demands. It's fun. I actually prefer on-camera work.