Matt Frewer





1/4/1958 , Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Birth Name

Matthew George Frewer




Best known as that late '80s cyber-icon, Max Headroom, Matt Frewer is the son of a career Canadian Navy officer and was raised in Victoria, British Columbia and Ottawa, Ontario. His first love was sports, serving as quarterback on his high school football team, but a serious hockey injury at the age of 16 sidelined his hopes for a sports career. He chose to study acting and traveled to England, where he received a comprehensive classical theatre education. During his eleven years in England, Matt appeared in numerous stage productions, BBC telefilms and movies. While in England he met and married a young actress, Amanda Hillwood, who was well known in the UK for her TV appearances. They have one daughter, born in 1996. Since Max Headroom, Frewer has continued to work steadily in films and television in both the USA and Canada. He is a committed environmentalist and serves as spokesperson for the Rainforest Action Network. In the past he has also been named Celebrity Spokesperson for Wolf Song of Alaska (for which he and his wife have volunteered) and on the Honorary Board of the Ryan White Foundation (which folded in October 1999 due to lack of funding). In 2001 he starred in three Sherlock Holmes films for Muse Entertainment and the Odyssey Channel. His hobbies include reading, writing short stories and screenplays, sketching wildlife and playing (and watching) sports. Matt Frewer has also become famous in the animation business for voiceovers playing parts in various cartoons including Aladdin, Hercules Batman: The Animated Series and Mighty Ducks. Since 2001, he has had a resurgence in his career, starring in hit tv shows such as Eureka and Intelligence as well as starring in such films as Dawn of the Dead and National Lampoon's Going the Distance.

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