Matt Gallant





6/25/1969 , Syracuse, New York, United States

Birth Name

Matthew Gallant




With a quick wit, great sense of timing, and an engaging personality, Matt Gallant is an accomplished, Emmy-winning host. Armed with a self-deprecating humor and boyish charm, he shines as the host of Animal Planet's popular series "The Planet's Funniest Animals," which is currently in its fifth season. The half-hour program, which takes a hilarious peek at home video clips, bloopers, and pet tricks of some of the world's most amusing animals, airs back-to-back episodes every Monday through Friday at 4:00pm & 4:30pm PT (7:00pm & 7:30pm ET), and again at 11:00pm & 11:30pm PT (2:00am & 2:30am ET). "What's rewarding about this show is that I am able to take tongue-and-cheek jokes and bring a lot of laughter to millions of people all over the world," says Gallant. "Although W.C. Fields once said never to work with kids or animals, I must disagree -- it's great to be a part of a vehicle that is so well-received by such a broad range of viewers. Laughter really is the best medicine." Born in Syracuse, New York, and raised in Westport, Connecticut, Gallant opted for sports rather than performing. He attended the University of Rhode Island where he majored in communications, studied theatre and envisioned a career as a sportscaster. After a brief internship with a local sports anchor, Gallant realized that he would rather focus on entertainment. Gallant soon began work as a page for NBC in New York City, which ultimately ushered him into the world of show business. He signed with an agent and immediately began landing roles in a string of successful commercials. His big break soon followed in the form of not one, but two jobs for MTV. He hosted both the live show, "Hangin' with MTV," and the magazine-style program for teens called "Like We Care." While studying acting at The Groundlings and Chicago City Limits Improv and with coaches Joanne Barron and John Kirby, Gallant continued to add credits to his resume. His other work includes hosting a succession of popular shows such as ESPN2's "X-Treme Energy"; NBC's "Friday Night Videos"; ABC's "Pranks"; and FOX's "Not Just the News," for which Gallant won an Emmy for Best Host. He was also a correspondent to Turner's live Superbowl TV coverage. For the big screen, he acted in Paramount's feature film, "Good Burger," and the upcoming feature, "Neo Ned." With a passion to give back to the community, Gallant donates his time to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a non-profit organization that grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions. "It's incredible to be a part of a program that brings happiness to sick children," says Gallant. "The more I have, the more I want to give." When not working, Gallant indulges his passion for sports and art. "My dream would be to take batting practice at Fenway with the Red Sox before I'm too old to hit one over the green monster." In the meantime, he plays on a local fast-pitch baseball team and summer league flag football team. In addition, Gallant enjoys sculpting and painting, gifts he inherited from his artist father. "I love creating because it allows me to just 'be' instead of 'be on,' which is rare in Hollywood."
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  • © 2006 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.