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  • Matt Gallant is one of the most underrated of television's hosts. Read on to see why...

    Been tuning into Matt Gallant for years(into the days before his "image change"). Even in the days when he didn't fit into the Hollywood image, he was far more charming than the usual dime-a-dozen hosts that show up on the screen from time to time. Now, his image has changed to fit more with the Hollywood standard while he, however, has not changed his personality image, which is why I am convinced he has promise. Without fail, he has charisma, illuminates charm, and is a very "watchable" person. While I can not attest to his personality offscreen - I will say that onscreen he has a rare down-to-earth compatibility with his viewers.

    One review somewhere recently mentioned that he has an artistic talent (inherited from his father), Would like to learn more about his artistic talents, and where his art can be viewed.

    -- Amarie Darvai, 07/23/05