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    • Matt Giraud: (his opinion on the new rules introduced in season 8 of American Idol) With the Top 36, I think it made better TV to see us all duke it out 12 at a time for three spots, but I didn't like it at all. I loved the new save rule, though. I think they should bring it back every year - it gives a kid another chance and it makes the show more interesting. Having four judges did help me, unless you did badly and had to be told so four times in a row.

    • Matt Giraud: (about his connection to Lady Gaga) Lady Gaga told me she was sad I didn't make it through and that she couldn't wait to hear my first album.

    • Matt Giraud: (on how music moves him) It frees me from whatever I am doing. I can get lost in it. It makes me feel like I have something very special.

    • Matt Giraud: (on who his American Idol is) I love Jamie Foxx. I think that anyone that can be that funny, play piano, sing and act so well deserves respect.

    • Matt Giraud: (about his biggest fan) My Dad is my biggest fan. He keeps track of my career, clips and all. I can ask him about all the latest news, because he knows before I do!

    • Matt Giraud: (on his hopes post Idol) I want to record an album of mainstream music and just go on the road making good music.

    • Matt Giraud: (about his time on American Idol) I never came in wanting to be the American Idol. My dream was to play that piano on that stage. My dream was to sing jazz on that stage. My dream was to meet the mentors. That was like dreams come true for me.