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  • Welcome to the era of Mattitude Matt Hardy Version 1 is a great wrestler underrated though Mattitude Is Alive And Stronger Than Ever! The Clock Is Ticking... TICK TOCK.. TICK TOCK

    Welcome to the era of Mattitude Matt Hardy Version 1 is a great wrestler underrated though Mattitude Is Alive And Stronger Than Ever! The Clock Is Ticking... TICK TOCK.. TICK TOCK. His wrestling debut was in 1992. He was trained by Dory Funk Jr. Matt and his brother Jeff first worked for WWE in 1993 but they didn't get contracts with WWE until 1998. Matt and Jeff were Known has the Hardy Boyz they were a tag team when tag teams were the best they have ever been. I mean you had them, Edge and Christan, and the Dudley Boyz. those 3 completed in the greatest match known as TLC) Matt has not got credit he deserves. Jeff got more credit when together but Matt is the better wrestler. Matt has charisma, great mic skills, and of course he can wrestle. Matt had a relationship with Lita but Lita cheated on Matt with Edge which led to him getting fired. Matt was hired back in 2005. Matt had classic feuds and rivalries with Edge(back in the day in the TLC matches and then he was hired back that got Matt revenge and put him on notice for more changes at titles) Kane they had a great rivalry until Matt injured his knee. Christan in the TLC matches. Dudley boys in the TLC matches. Now in 2007 and in 2008 with MVP brought Matt career back to the top. Matt is currently the United states champion. A Cruiserweight champion. A European longest American born tittle reign. A 6 time world tag team champion(Hardy Boyz) A WWE tag team champion(MVP) Matt Hardy career will not die. I hope in a twist of fate Matt becomes world heavyweight champion by beating Edge and Jeff wins the WWE championship the same night.
  • Kind of underrated though =/

    Matt Hardy is a great wrestler. He has real talent. He is smart, because he doesn't have a gimmick, so people like him for his raw talent, and he must know that, otherwise he would fall into a category [like the Undertaker(The Deadman), and Rey Mysterio(the mask thing)]. He's not the most original thing around, but something about him just seems to stand out. He's not very modest, but how many wrestlers really are? Exactly. He is a good entertainer, and has most of the necessary traits to do so. He has a big fan nation, some because of his talent, some because of his looks. All-together I would say that he is an 8.8.
  • TWIST OF FATE!!!!!!!!

    Listen up,because I will only say this once. Matt Hardy is the greatest wrestler EVER, but people might argue that Undertaker, Kane, Triple H, Shawn Michaels and RVD are better. Matt Hardy is very well known for tag-teaming with his brother, Jeff Hardy. In his matches, he amazes people when he flies through the air, landing dropkicks and leg drops(That leg drop he did in the steel cage on Edge was pretty impressive!). The most memorable things that Matt did were: ending Mr.Kennedy's undefeated streak by pinfall, having that rivalry with Edge ansd teaming up with his brother, Jeff , for the first time in 5 years. I'll end this review with 1 sentence:Matt Hardy should be on RAW.
  • Wrestlers!

    Matt is one of the all tie greats. He has put his body on the line but not as much as his brother Jeff has. They've been like the greatest tag team of all time. They've gone through all kinds of tag team extreme matches like the TLC, Ladder matches, and recently being on Team DX for Survivor Series. Matt has even held some titles of his own but he should be World Heavyweight champion sometime before he retires from wrestling but that'll be a long time from now. Matt is one of the best and he deserves to be in the WWE
  • matt hardy

    well let me see.he used to wrestled with his brother jeff hardy and now he is dating ashley from smackdown.he used to date lita who is now with edge.that was really sad well matt found out lita was cheating on him with edge i mean matt hardy is so much hotter than edge and a better wrestler than favorite on smackdown.
  • Matt Hardy is a great wrestler; he is now pratically nothing.

    Matt Hardy, brother of Jeff Hardy, and member of the Hardy Boyz and Team Xtreme, is truelly a great wrestler. He has put on some of the most amazing and instilling ladder matches in WWE history, yet he is held back and used improperly. But, this isn't a review of the WWE, is it?

    Matt's career, you could say, is just beginning. Yes, he's been inthe business for a decade, but most wrestlers go into their 40's. There is so much potential in Matt; the fans love him, and he has put on some big time matches. His impressive resumé and cruiserweight-like style makes him one of the most unique, versitale wrestlers in WWE today.