Matt Hughes

Matt Hughes


10/13/1973, Hillsboro, Illinois

Birth Name

Matthew Allen Hughes


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Matt is a former welterweight champion of the UFC. In high school, he played baseball and won back-to-back state wrestling championships in his 145 pound weight class. That wrestling background has greatly contributed to Matt's success in UFC competition. Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Nick Name: none


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  • Summary? IMPRESSIVE! Since I first saw him fight I am a fan, and I didn\'t watch any form of violence. He is a, fighter, person!

    I believe Matt Hughes is hands down the greatest fighter in the UFC. He is so well rounded, on his feet or on the ground not only is he dominant but defence is amazing. And not only is he well rounded as far as physically, but mentally as well. Being a christian he enters the ring with a calmness about him, but what impresses me the most is that it stays with him the entire fight. He has almost a David like air about him that he knows he has far more than size or even skill on his side. Alot of people talk about faith, but Matt actually portrays it in the face of his *enemies*. It is very heartwarming to see a role model of his caliber in a sport such as this. Here is someone in the public eye that we can actually feel good about.

    I also love the fact that Matt has every reason to be cocky or egotistical but he is not. I have so much respect for him because of the respect he shows his opponents. Before and after the fight he always manages to give some form of compliment to his opponent. I have not doubt we will be seeing Matt Hughes defend his title for a while yet, and I will be watching every fight! And if these aren\'t reasons enough for me to be a huge fan, the entrance song would do it! A country boy CAN survive, and Matt is proving it one submission at a time!moreless