Matt Johnston

Matt Johnston


12/6/1976, Odessa, Texas

Birth Name

Matthew T Johnston



Also Known As

Matthew T Johnston
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Matt Johnston is a writer, comic, actor, director, producer and editor. A true jack of all trades, Matt has done it all - from coiling cable and serving sandwiches on set to producing television pilots single handedly.
After working in the independent film scenes of Austin, San Diego…more


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    • Matt Johnston: What I miss most about not being in Texas is the way people treat each other. There's more respect and politeness here.

    • Matt Johnston(About the message of his upcoming film, Cowboy Smoke): Hopefully to see a project like this and your sense of empathy kinda grows and you realize that it's not such a cut and dry issue anymore. I mean there are real people involved and no one person's life is worth any more than anyone else's.

    • Matt Johnston(To fans of ITaT who get the idea to try it for themselves): I'd say, to the adrenaline junkies out there, who want to take things on our show and turn them into ways to beat boredom in their own town, this: you may get your own show from this behavior. It's a one in a billion chance. Most likely, though, you will spend serious time behind bars learning how many cigarettes doing "Bubba's" laundry is worth. Way to think it though.

    • Matt Johnston: (On being referred to as an ex-con on I really had a criminal background, I wouldn't be able to work with children. I mean, to even work on the Discovery Channel show there were extensive background checks. To paraphrase Twain, the rumors of my thievery are greatly exaggerated.

    • Matt Johnston (On Hosting It Takes a Thief): I think everybody has a little dark spot in their past that they don't like to talk about. Mine's been made into a national TV show.

  • ...I really got to see him shine on stage in a seedy little comedy club in TriBeCa late one Friday night...

    I have seen every episode of Matt\'s show \"It Takes a Thief\" on the Discovery Channel and have heard some of his hilarious Sirius Satellite show as well. I find him to be a true talent either with just audio or in living color. However, it must be stated that I really got to see him shine on stage in a seedy little comedy club in TriBeCa late one Friday night.

    His since of humor is second only to his incredibly quick wit. Everything he says makes you think, \"That\'s what I was going to say!\" Only he says it faster and funnier.moreless
  • Matt is Awesome !!!

    Matt deffently has tallent on and off of the screen. He has a face and charm that is made for the camera and the brains to do the work behind the sceens. One of the most down to earth up and coming stars that are around. He takes time to keep in touch with his fans and up date blogs. You can deffently tell he remembers where he comes from and that is a hard to find quality in any celebrity. His fans love him and he loves his fans.moreless