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Matt King


1/31/1968, Watford, England, United Kingdom

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Matthew King


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Matt King is an actor and comedian who has had continued success in both the UK and Australia. King is well known for his role as Superhans in the acclaimed, Bafta-award winning British comedy Peep Show, as well as having notable roles in films such as RocknRolla, Bronsonmore


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • The British comedy Whites, co-written by King, is inspired and informed by his experience working in restaurants.

    • In 1996 Matt did his first solo show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, entitled 'Blimey It's Mad King,' for which he was reviewed as being "one to watch" by The Guardian (UK).

    • Matt appeared in advertisements for First Direct, an online bank.

  • Quotes

    • Matt King: (On being a comedian) Stand-up is great fun when you're young and single, but I grew to hate it. Having a family got me thinking about my career. I retired from stand-up when my son was born, and decided to become an actor. Cassius is seven now, and we've got a two-year-old girl called Bunny.

    • Matt King: I'd say I have a face that fits roles like Henry.

    • Matt King: (On a rock star he would like to meet) Kurt Cobain, the front man of Nirvana. I'd like to know what his views on the world are.

    • Matt King: Once, when I was seven. It was a really hot summer night and I woke up suddenly and felt this icy blast. It was freezing for a couple of seconds. That morning, at school, our headmaster gave a talk about spirits. He said people who've met ghosts often describe it as an ice-cold blast. I freaked out.

    • Matt King: (On his role as Henry Mallet) It's every boy's fantasy to be a rock star. In the first series I actually got to do a gig as Henry. He can be a clown and an idiot, then incredibly sensitive and then filled with rage. He speeds through emotions. After reading the script for Spirited, I was desperate to do it.

    • Matt King: (On his role as Henry Mallet) I love Henry Henry. To take five months out of my career and my life in the UK, it's got to be pretty special.

    • Matt King: I came over here when I was twenty, as a carpenter, and stayed for a year. I really like it so I applied to live here but got turned down. They were looking for chefs, so I put myself through a three-year apprenticeship. I also worked as a builder for six years. And I lived in Melbourne for fifteen years doing the stand-up comedy circuit, before going back to Britain.

    • Matt King: (On doing a third series of Spirited) I really, really hope so. I put my hand up and said I will definitely come back for another series. Jump at the chance...I just love the job. It's my favourite job that I've done probably.

    • Matt King: (On Spirited) I've recorded a couple of songs for this series. In series one I did three songs...and I've recorded a couple of ballads for this series. I'm no singer, but what you see is me. There's three or four times where I kind of croon to people and cats in the series.

    • Matt King: I've done freaks and weirdos and drug-using musos - Henry's all of that as well, but I'm never ever the romantic lead. It's one of the main things that made me want to do this in the first place. It's a rare opportunity for me. It's usually the Rodger Corsers who get the lead role and get the gal.

    • Matt King: (On Spirited series two) I think it's going in a really interesting direction. They've exploded the world right out.

    • Matt King: (On Spirited series two) Particularly by episode two. There are several sad episodes, but that's the really sad one, I think. When Suzy just can't see Henry. After the romance that was built up to in series one, they wanted to take it out somewhere else. They didn't want to just continue this romance that can happen, so they've just played with time and space and different worlds and them not being able to see each other.

    • Matt King: I'll be on a packed tube carriage and some stranger will shout from the opposite end: 'Oi Super Hans! This crack's really moreish!'

    • Matt King: I met a bloke on holiday in Morocco who was a soldier who had been at Sandhurst with Prince William. He said, "Wills is a big Super Hans fan!" I couldn't understand it. He probably thought 'crack' was the Irish word for fun.

    • Matt King: (On Peep Show) We shot a scene where Super Hans gives oral relief to Jeremy. When I got back to Australia they called to say they'd forgotten to get the shot from Jeremy's point of view so they were thinking of flying me back to do it again. That would have been the furthest anyone's ever gone for a head job since the Vietnam war.

    • Matt King: (On Peep Show) The casting director asked me if I acted and I said yes even though I'd never done any before.

    • Matt King: (On his career as a comedian) I loved it for the first ten years, then despised it for the last five.

    • Matt King: I used to turn up to work on building sites wearing this white mohican with pink tips and there'd be all these scaffolders called Gary saying, "Who's this poofter?" I think that was a precursor to my career.

    • Matt King: I always felt like a bit of an outsider growing up in Essex, maybe because I was adopted.

    • Matt King: (On whether he's smoked crack) No, never touched the stuff. I mean I've been a bit hedonistic in the past I suppose but never in the same ballpark as Super Hans.

    • Matt King: (On his role as Super Hans) He's not a million miles away from the bad side of me. I get to act out the times I want to be amoral and not give a shit about another human being. We've all got a bit of that in us, Super Hans just takes it to the farthest possible degree. He has no moral compass. In fact, he's thrown his moral compass away.

    • Matt King: You'd be surprised at some of the stuff people have offered me in pubs. I've been standing there with my wife, holding my baby son and some student will come up to me and say, "What are you doing with her?" And I'll say, "Do you mind, that's my wife!" And they say, "Yeah, well, put the kid down and come and have a beer."

    • Matt King: He's on the surface, confident and gregarious and crazy, but he's as lost and lonely as she is. And her family domestic environment is something he realises he kind of craves and would have loved in his own life, but he's kind of messed that up. He has another chance now to perhaps have that.

    • Matt King: (On his and Claudia Karvan's characters) They kind of investigate his story together, I guess, and through that they have a friendship.

    • Matt King: (On Spirited) So perfect for me, the part. And everything I would want to do in a role.

    • Matt King: (On Spirited) I play Henry, Henry Mallet, and he's kind of struggling with living in the present day. He doesn't know who he is or anything about himself until he meets Suzy.