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  • Why Older Men Stay

    Matt Lauer, you are wonderful, but why does this station continue to replace the older women with younger ones? This is why I don't watch this newscast anymore. I haven't watched since Anne Currie left. I do love Tamron Hall who is on the extended hour, whom every female watcher is jealous of . We women never beat up on the men in TV who make the rules, but just like any minority, beat up on one another. Bring in a woman 50 plus, and I will return.
  • loss of hair

    I have seen some help with growing hair using blue Listerine at night and washing it off the next morning. You must do this for several weeks. I will be watching. good luck
  • More of Matt

    Matt is one of the only NBC staff that never does the evening news.

    He would be excellent!

    I date back to John Camron Swazey back in the early 50s. I recall when

    Huntley/Brinkley allowed the entire 2nd movement of Beethoven's 9th

    Symphony to be performed at sign-off upon requests of the viewers.
  • We can make a difference

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  • selena picture

    Please contact and tell her that I have a large painting on mirror of Selena which is listed on e-bay found in a storage locker many years ago. e-mail me for a picture of the large mirror george
  • please email me

    My name is Era my dream is to talk to you for some advise. YOU are very talent it person. I don't care what people think .You are the best .
  • Get rid of her....

  • I have always loved and respected Matt Lauer, but recently he has begun to act disrespectfully to his guests, badgering them instead of interviewing them.

    As a fan of Matt Lauer I have always had the highest respect for his ability to interview guests without stooping to the childish techniques employed by other television personalities, but recently, he has begun to act disrespectfully to his guests, including badgering them instead of interviewing them. He has beginning to look like a tenacious bulldog that holds on to a meaningless topic and will not let go.

    In his interview with Michelle Bachman he was downright rude and condescending. He seemed to be trying to make her angry instead of actually seeking information: which is his job. I am so disappointed in him as a journalist and/or Today Show Anchor and/or television commentator. He used to be my hero~~~What is happening here??????
  • Entertainment

    Dear Matt, when you reported the story on the entertainment awards, and where black entertainers did not get nominated for a award,well no white entertainer gets nominated for a award at the black entertainer award ceremony .I do not think there should be a separate black or white ceremony is why you see this happening. Thank you James Hockenberry
  • Monotone, overly confident...

    His "new" look... really? Unfortunately, the other hosts make up for his lackluster.

    For as far back as I can remember ive always head that Matt was a trouble maker especially with his co-host and I have come to the conclusion he must really be worried that his rating will plumit and that is why lately I guess to boost his self worth, has been all busting his guest which in the past he saved that behavior for his co-host I just think it is so sad that you have to tare down someone else to lift yourself. And I feel you only attacked PAULA DEAN because you thought it would win you points with the African American public. If most of the media had to swear under oath I just wonder how much would come out that would change your lives for the worst. In closing I really hope you are punished or at least reprimanded for you less than tasteful behavior. A real and talented journalist does not have to get ratings for attributing to others demise.
  • Ann Curry bullied by 'Today' staffers

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves I watched what you all did to her on national . just remember What goes AROUND comes AROUND, or you could say, you get what you give. I have never watched your show,because I didn't like it but now watch the rating go into the dirt. It is so very sad that people that are in the spot light don't even try to set an example as to how people should treat each other.
  • I agree worthless idiot, every time he has an interview he sounds like such a fool who hasn't got a clue on any topic. Please do us a favor and quit.

    I agree worthless idiot, every time he has an interview he sounds like such a fool who hasn't got a clue on any topic. Please do us a favor and quit. aaaa aaaa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
  • Worthless idiot.

    An idiot. An embarrassment to "news". Could not figure out how to rub two brain cells together to form a coherent question without referring to the talking points he uncritically consumes and regurgitates. Clearly he has below average intelligence as evidenced by his daily abortion of all things rational or relevant. A worthless talking head. He has value below that of a cut rate weatherman from Boise. I really don't know what else to say. I hope he comes to this website sometime and reads how horrific and damaging he is to an informed society. He is beneath contempt for all but the lowest of the mouth breathers.