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Matt Lauria

Forums: Matt Lauria Board: Who else thinks Matt Lauria has a bright future?

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    [1]Apr 14, 2008
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    I think Matt Lauria was not given enough air time on Lipstick Jungle. When he was in a scene he always played it well. I think he has a bright future and I'm wondering what he will appear in next! Any other opinions? Share them here!
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    [2]Oct 3, 2008
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    I'm definitely looking forward to more screen time for Matt - he grabbed my attention as soon as he appeared on screen. That is partly because Roy is just my type of guy, but also because, from the writers, the character type (ie: "the assistant") could easily be written as trite and replaceable, but there's obviously an intent to flesh out the character (as we've seen recently). There would also be the temptation from some actors to overplay Roy's unique qualities, but Matt gives us a Roy who is believable and genuine; for example, that his manners are not him being a smart-ass, trying to be cute, or from being a complete hayseed - he's a genuine gentleman, that such a person does indeed exist in the world.

    The first season was very short, and no doubt there was some uncertainty about whether it would be picked up and renewed for a full order. But since it has/was, it's now pleasing to see them start to do more with both Roy and Matt. Looking over his filmography, it looks like his only previous TV work was one episode in 30 Rock; a recurring role in LJ alongside well-known faces is a great score, so they obviously saw something that was worth the opportunity. I'll certainly be watching his career with interest.

    And let there be no misunderstanding - yes, it was also nice to see a bare-chest shot.

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    [3]May 9, 2011
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    I think Matt Lauria is a great actor. I really like his character, Caleb Evers, in The Chicago Code. Like all of the characters in that series, he is multi-dimensional. Not just another rookie "new guy" cop.

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    [4]Jan 26, 2012
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    Good actor and cute as a button.

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