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    • (In response to the question, "What initially surprised you about working on Friday Night Lights?")
      Lauria: I wasn't expecting Austin, Texas to be such a phenomenal place. Everyone must go there and spend time there. It's incredible. I wasn't expecting such humility among the rest of the existing cast. With the new cast, I think I was just happy to be there. Michael B. Jordan – such a consummate professional and a humble guy – Jurnee Smollett, I mean, she's the sweetest and so gentle and loving and humble. And, of course, Madison Burge. She literally got out of high school and came on this show so she's so authentic and so richly that youthful high school honesty. Kyle [Chandler], Connie [Britton]…they're amazing. They're so sweet. We got there and they were like 'You guys are part of the fam' and took us right in. That was surprising. But to also have the responsibility that Peter Berg demanded from us. At the first dinner we had down there with them he said 'You have to take this show. You have to improv and you have to do it the way it's going to be natural for you.' That was a whole new style, obviously not taking any credit away from the writers but to really dare to sort of dangerously and riskily sit in yourself in a scene without trying to cover it up.