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    • (Comparing Friday Night Lights to The Chicago Code)
      Lauria: I have a gun on my hip all the time and the 12-yr kid in me is running around and always chasing after bad guys. It's so gratifying! First of all, how do you find a project that is going to measure up to Friday Night Lights? The writing is superb, the characters, the acting, the legacy that has been established…I was so glad to find the writing in Shawn Ryan's talent. It's a gift for an actor for someone who wants to do that kind of work. My character, in terms of the comparison to Luke, he's more sophisticated and mature and that just comes with age and experience. He's kind of an academic superstar, he's more cerebral and he's a real achiever. He's a city boy and Luke is a country boy but it's great to have that variety and the show itself…nothing is like Friday Night Lights. This show is more traditional so it sharpens a whole other set of tools in your box. I'm so grateful that I keep expanding as an artist.