Matt LeBlanc

Matt LeBlanc


7/25/1967, Newton, Massachusetts, USA

Birth Name

Matthew Steven LeBlanc



Also Known As

Matthew LeBlanc, Matt Le Blanc
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Born in July 25, 1967, Matt LeBlanc is very well known for his character Joey Tribbiani, in the series Friends and Joey. Matt was born to an Italian mother and a father who is a mix of Irish, Dutch, English and French. That's why, his last name, LeBlanc,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Along with actress Angie Everhart, Matt LeBlanc is a celebrity endorser of Saks Incorporated at 5th Avenue in New York.

    • Matt LeBlanc speaks fluent French.

    • Matt and the cast of Friends were nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series at the SAG Awards seven times. They were nominated in 1996, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004. They won in 1996.

    • In August 2007 Matt's former manager, Camile Cerio, revealed he was suing the actor, claiming he owed her at least $1 million. Her lawsuit alledges that she should receive commission for as long as Matt receives income from the series, Friends.

    • Joey's (Matt LeBlanc's character on Friends) pick-up line, "How you doin'?" was ranked #4 in TV Guide's list of "TV's 20 Top Catchphrases".

    • When Matt LeBlanc auditioned for the role of Joey on Friends, he only had $11 dollars. When the cast got their paychecks, the first thing he bought was a hot dinner.

    • Matt has said that with the one ketchup commercial he was able to buy a house, a car, a motorcycle and a wardrobe full of clothes.

    • After graduating Matt moved to New York where he decided to join an adult drama class.

    • Matt came from a place in Boston known as 'The Lake'

    • When Matt was 8 years old he wanted to be a motorcycle racer, he entered into junior competitions until finally giving it up.

    • Matt trained and resultingly did well in carpentry when he was young, winning the "Golden Hammer" award while attending Newton North High School.

    • In October 2006, Matt's divorce from Melissa McKnight was finalised. They have shared custody of their daughter Marina, and Matt provides $20,000 a month as child support until she turns 18. He also pays for their child's medical bills.

    • Matt has starred in two spin-offs: a spin-off of Married With Children, called Top Of The Heap (as Vinnie) and the other was a spin-off of Friends, called Joey (as Joey).

    • Matt appeared in a Heinz Ketchup commercial that featured the tag line "The best things come to those who wait." In the ad, Matt props an open ketchup bottle on the edge of a building and then runs down the stairs in time to catch the falling ketchup on his hot dog bun. The idea was that the ketchup is so thick, it takes that long to pour out of the open bottle put on it's side.

    • Matt LeBlanc was nominated for dozens of awards. He won three of them: Favorite Male Television Star in People's Choice Awards (2005), TV - Choice Actor - Comedy in Teen Choice Award (for Friends, 2002), and Editor's Choice in TV Guide Awards (for Friends, 2000).

    • Matt LeBlanc participated in both movies that were based on the 70's TV series Charlie's Angels: Charlie's Angels (2000), and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003), the continuation.

    • Matt LeBlanc's daughter, Marina Pearl, was diagnosed as having a rare brain disorder. This disorder affects the motor abilities, causing seizures. Matt and his wife are searching for a cure.

    • Matt LeBlanc's career advanced very fast: Since his graduation in 1985, he started appearing on commercials in 1987 and got his first starring role, in TV 101, in 1988.

    • Matt LeBlanc's nickname is Matty.

    • Matt is a motorcycle enthusiast and hosted his own TV show, The 5 Coolest Things (2003), which is based on the 5 coolest things in each motorcycle specialty (off-road, motocross, road racing, freestyle).

    • Matt LeBlanc's co-star Lucy Liu from both Charlie's Angels movies, guess-starred on Joey, Matt's series, in 3 episodes.

    • Matt LeBlanc's hobbies: Parachute jumping, car racing and landscape photographing.

    • Matt LeBlanc was named in 2000 as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People Magazine.

    • Matt LeBlanc will be the producer and will be starring in the horror sci-fi project The Watch. That thriller is about a group of soldiers, who are about to blow a Nazi depot during the World War II, and find themselfes hunted by ghosts.

    • Matt LeBlanc graduated from Newton North High School, in the year 1985.

    • Matt LeBlanc is 5' 10.5" (1.79 m).

    • Matt LeBlanc is currently starring in Joey, the daughter-series of Friends, where he was starring for 10 years as Joey Tribbiani.

    • Long ago before being famous in Friends, he was known as the king of the commercials (late 1980s). He advertised many well known companies.

    • Matt LeBlanc attended the Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston. He left a while after starting the second semester.

    • Matt LeBlanc's heritage is a mix of: French, Irish, Italian, Dutch and English.

    • His parents are Paul LeBlanc, a mechanic, and Patricia Grossman, an office manager. They got divorced in 1974. He has a half brother named Justin who lives in Australia.

    • Matt's surname "LeBlanc", is French and means "the white". It is pronounced Le Blã.

    • Matt LeBlanc appeared on the following music videos: Alanis Morissette's "Walk Away", The Rembrandts' "I'll Be There for You", Tom Petty's "The Great Wide Open", Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band's "Night Moves" (1994) and Bon Jovi's "Say It Isn't So" (2000) and "Miracle" (1990).

    • Matt married Melissa McKnight, whom she met in 1997, on May 3, 2003 in Kauai, Hawaii. Melissa gave birth on Sunday, February 8th, 2004, to a girl: Marina Pearl LeBlanc. He has two stepchildren, Tyler and Jaqualine, from his wife's first marriage.

  • Quotes

    • Matt: Comedy is just to me, maybe it's a natural knack, if I can see where the joke is in the writing and I can see where the setup is and I can tell this is the way to make it.

    • Matt: As an actor, the biggest compliment you can get, in my book is for someone to believe that you're the character.

    • Matt: And if you have great writing, it's really easy, but if it's not so great and you have to work a little harder, I could tell where the work needed to be done but comedy is just fun.

    • Matt LeBlanc: Misery is manifold. The wretchedness of the earth is multiform.

    • Matt LeBlanc: The more cynical you become, the better off you'll be.

    • Matt LeBlanc: I find the earth to be a place of misery in which I am surrounded by the conformity that kills society.

    • Matt LeBlanc: I don't like silk underwear. They don't do the job, you know?

    • Matt LeBlanc: When I was younger and studying acting, I never ever saw myself in the sitcom world; it was drama that really turned me on and still does.

    • Matt LeBlanc: This whole acting thing was always just for me and was always an absolute shot in the dark. If it didn't pan out, I had my hammer and tool belt, banging nails again tomorrow if I had to.

    • Matt LeBlanc: In comedy, you have to be unafraid to hang from the tree branch naked in the high wind and you have to be absolutely unafraid to look ridiculous and silly.

    • Matt LeBlanc: I really like the half hour comedy. I really do. I know people that are in movies all the time and they, you know, they don't see their families as much. And that takes its toll over time. And I don't want to be one of those families. I want to sleep in my own bed every night. I want to, you know, help the kids with homework. And I like that. That's fun.