Matt Prokop





7/29/1990 , Victoria, Texas, USA

Birth Name

Matthew Ray Prokop




Since 6 months old, Matt was a performer. He has always enjoyed making people laugh. He has played every season since he was 3.5 years old. At 4 years of age he participated in his first and only pageant and won the title of Little Mr. Cowboy. His main focus has always been soccer and academics. At every opportunity he participated in school or church plays.

While attending an AMTC convention, he was asked by two prominent agencies to come to New York. His parents decided he was too young and put his career on hold. After a family vacation to Los Angeles in May, 2005, Matt decided it was time to pursue acting. He started taking acting classes in Houston, Texas. His coach recognized something special in him and knew he would do well. After only seven months of classes, he was signed by an agent and manager in LA. He has been auditioning ever since.

He has since made appearances on "The Office", "Hannah Montana", "Medium", and "Good Luck Charlie". He is also known for his film roles in "High School Musical 3" and "Furry Vengeance".

Matt is in a relationship with, "Modern Family" star, Sarah Hyland. They share ownership of a dog named Barkley. Matt has become known as an animal rights activist, a position he has become more vocal about since the theatrical release of "Furry Vengeance".

Matt is currently filming a Disney Channel Original Movie called "Geek Charming", starring opposite his girlfriend Sarah.