Matt Rippy

Matt Rippy


Houston, Texas

Birth Name

Matthew Damon Rippy


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Matt Rippy was born in Houston, Texas. In 1994 he went to Britain and joined a theatre group known as the Reduced Shakespeare Company. He is still with them. Matt Rippy is best known for his role as the "real" Captain Jack Harkness in the episode of Torchwood of the same name.more


Trivia and Quotes

  • The real Capt Jack Harkness...and the girl in the Reduced Shakespeare Company.

    I had the lucky opportunity to meet the inimitable Matt Rippy in person. It wasn't at a convention or anything like that. It was just by chance.

    He and the other two members of the RSC came to perform at my college. Afterward, when I had figured out who he was, a friend and I tracked him down to the local bar. He looks just as good out of the 1941 military uniform as he did in it. As soon as I introduced myself, he very readily wanted to talk to me. I felt like a huge dork for thinking he was so great in a role he played in one episode of a genre show over two years ago, but he was nice about it. He agreed to take a picture with me, which I will treasure for a good long while. When my friend and I had to leave, he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. If ever you have the chance, check out the RSC. If you like Shakespeare, you'll love it. If you hate Shakespeare, you'll love it even more.moreless