Matt Roloff

Matt Roloff



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Matthew James Roloff



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Matthew Roloff, Matthew James Roloff, Matt Roloff
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Matt Roloff is a businessman, entrepreneur, father of four, and a natural dreamer. Matt was often hospitalized as a child due to his dwarfism. His recuperation from leg surgeries left him missing out on the experiences of average children. As an adult, Matt made up for his lost…more


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    • Matt: (when asked about putting his family and himself out front on their reality series, 'Little People, Big World') We're not always on our best behavior, but we're having fun doing it!

    • Matt: Just the general distraction from trying to live a regular life. And you know, the other downside is we're always concerned. It's like, people see you doing something and they don't like it, and then they judge you for it. But the vast numbers of folks that watch the show are extremely supportive and don't care that Amy has a messy house.

    • Matt: People mostly e-mail us that they're grateful that we let them into our lives in such an unvarnished manner, and they're really thankful that we're just being a regular family.

    • Matt: Why start a new project? I could write a dissertation on that.

    • Matt: I've been through the school of hard knocks, so it does not especially bother him to be called names.

    • Matt: We don't claim to be representing all little people. We're going through our own particular challenges. But this is without a doubt the most in-depth look at dwarfism. We don't want to get into messaging, but just follow us through a day. Every other documentary is either overly rosy or overly focused on problems.

    • Matt: Just as a child growing up and obtaining the functions and learning about dwarfism, I was able to take kind of a breakout from my career to work on it. There is a lot. We have a lot of initiatives that we are involved in, from educational type scholarships to surveys, and understanding what the issues are.

    • Matt: I think the greatest thing would be that society as a whole would come to not just appreciate little people, but celebrate our lives with us, celebrate our differences.

    • Matt: I was the president of the Little People of America organization for a number of years, and I still sit on their board of directors. I happen to take a fairly open view that we're a segment of society, and if little people are discriminated against in a lot of employment opportunities, which they are, I feel like they are welcome to find employment and support their families with any mechanism that's available.

    • Matt: The most frustrating part of the show is that things come out and you want to stand up and explain it. Like, for example, the stair rail thing. We were meeting with the county and saying something like we wished they would allow us to put in a lower stair rail. Everybody writes in and e-mails. I've got letters on my desk here where people actually include drawings and they say, "Why don't you put a second railing down lower?" And my answer to that is because then, as a little person, when we walk down the stairs, we feel we're in a cage. We're walking down through a rat maze, you know what I mean? We don't get a chance to answer those questions.

    • Matt: I can remember as a child spending my life in the hospital wanting to see the outside world. Now I get to make those dreams come true for our kids on this 40 acre farm in Oregon.

    • Matt: (finishing Amy's sentence as she talks about her family in a "TLC" television network commercial about their reality series, "Little People, Big World") Or, I might say we're a G-rated version of "The Osbournes".

    • Matt: When you're only four feet tall you feel like you're living in a world that wasn't meant for you.