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  • Just Freakin' Perfect!

    I'm a sucker for shows dealing with the occult, in general and John Constantine is, by far, my favourite hero.

    The show is fantastic! It has ghastly monsters, witty retorts, I love the tall guy that's being getting killed over and over again and the girl with the visions is very interesting. I would much prefer an angel like Balthazar from Supernatural as a sidekick to Constantine, but, all in all, the golden-eyed guy is way better than the movie's Gabriel / Tilda Swinton.

    But, what really takes the show to another lever in John Constantine himself. I'd never seen Matt Ryan before and I am so sorry for that. He is perfect! He gives the comic character the glory he deserves. The fact that he's super hot doesn't hurt, either!
  • Getting Better

    I do hope Constantine continues to improve the way that it has. I have enjoyed each episode more. Also, John Constantine is my favorite character> I'm not sure about his angel but the actor is very good.