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  • One of the greatest comedic figures of this era.


    Matt Stone, along with Trey Parker, are geniuses. Their simplistic animation style seems amateurish, but it is one of the most efficient methods of animation out today. Considering that they create an episode of their legendary show, "South Park" in six days start-to-finish is astonishing and shows their work ethic and love for the show.

  • Matt Stone is the other genius behind Comedy Central's South Park and one of the few great comic moinds of his day.

    As I said, Matt Stone is one of the few great comic minds in the US today. It all started in a film school in Colorado, where he, along with Trey Parker, made numerous different comical short films, using only construction paper. The inspiration for "South Park" began with a Christmas card they made called "The Joy of Christmas" and that was where the legacy began. They went on to produce the award winning Comedy Central TV show, and movie, still running on it's fourteenth season (they are signed on for 15). The show its self is oure comic genius, but the guys themselves are amazing. Aside from South Park, he (all along with Trey Parker) produduced and directed the movies "Orgazmo" and "Team America: World Police". He (they) also acted in the movie "Basketball" witch was the only movie they were in that he (they) did not direct my himself (themselves). His intereviews are hilarious to watch, as are the introductions to the earlier South Park episodes (not shown on the TV version, but you can see them online or if you purchase the first two seasons). He has a talent for exploiting things in daily life, and making light of them and showing them for what they really are. I hope there is plenty more of his work to come.
  • Matt Stone do Kyle's voice on South Park is very creative and intense.

    I remember when I watched South Park on Comdey Central, I always tought that Matt did all the voices and Trey just do all the animations before I even saw the credits.

    I'll bet that Matt did like lots of characters voice in every months and gets really exhausted after doing it, too. Trey also gets to do every voice in almost episodes because I can tell which character are done by the creators. Matt is Jewish like Kyle and I'll think it's really awesome to do an Jewish kid on a animated show even I know that Matt sometimes well do a Jewish episodes about that like ( Jewbille) and ( Passion of the Jew) mostly done by Trey Parker.

    I know that Matt do some characters voices like:

    Kyle Broflovski
    Kenny MCcormick
    Butters Stotch
    Kyle's dad
    Ned and lots of more that I can't even think of.
  • Just like Trey is too is not just great because of South Park, or the many movies he has made with Trey Parker, that is most of it but part of it is their views.

    I love how they mix it up like when they wore dresses to the Oscars, and the actors got all mad, like their little event was so important. Matt seems like the goofier of the two, maybe because of some of his roles like Orgasmo and Basketball, but it mixes well. It might just be the hair who knows. I like how they aren't typical hollywood sellouts, and the fact they make fun of those who are. Matt & Trey are comedic geniouses in alot of the things that they think up. I think he could make these clever movies and TV episodes for another 30 years before running out of things to make fun of or people to mock. People give him ammo every day it seems. I think he is really good at what he does, and I hope he continues to make funny TV and movies for many more years.
  • empty

    Matt is awsome! Along with Trey, he has created South Park, South Park: BLU, Team America, and other things! All of his stuff is funny and great. I love The Spirit of Christmas. In his own was (and in his own head), he's a genius!
  • Trey Parkers hairier side.

    Matt Stone and Trey Parker are amongst some of the most creative telivsion writers known to date. After starting their careers with some low budget animations before making a hit with South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker made their mark on the telivision community.

    They are known to work in several different mediums (puppetry for Team America: World Police, frame by frame animations for early South Park eps, real movies for Basketball and computer animation for South Park) aswell as writers for most of their own stuff. Matt Stone and Trey Parker are definate faves of mine, continuously pushing the limits.
  • the co creator of south park

    matt stone is the co creator of south park along with trey parker they make an awesome team and give the audience something new to laugh at and talk about. matt stone is als one of the voice artist behind south park making him an extremely valuble part south park. matt and treys other succes was team america world police which was a film about a group of puppets who 'tried' their hardest to save the world but failed every time. The twist is that there are no actors but everything was filmed using puppets quite like thunder birds giveing their fans more variety.
  • He and Trey Parker were genius's to create one of my favorite comedy shows: South Park!

    He not only came up with--along with his friend Trey Parker the idea of South Park, but he voices Kyle, Kenny, Pip, Jesus, Phillip and along with other South Park characters. He and Trey Parker made a great comedy show called South Park and hope they continue to write more seasons.
  • Making a good show.

    Just like Trey, Matty can do good too, but the later, they will run out of ideas. Anyway, him and Trey make good ideas in the past, and they will make good episodes, until 2009. In the future, Matty and Trey run out of ideas, because a few episodes will get worser, and I don't think that it was his idea, it was Trey.
  • Matt Stone is not only an animation superstar but he is also a political genius!

    Matt Stone is not only an animation superstar but he is also a political genius!

    Matt Stone has several notable accomplishments:
    Co-creator of South Park
    Co-creator of Team America: World Police
    He is a Libertarian!

    I would like to first point out that South Park is one of the greatest animated series' of all time. Combining satire with offensiveness has brought everyone together to poke fun at everyone else. South Park touches on very touchy issues and makes a lot of valid claims (like on how absurd Scientology may seem to some people). The South Park movie made a lot of good points about censorship as well.

    Then there was Team America: World Police, which highlighted how gay Democrats are and how stupid Republicans can be.

    But, most notably, Matt Stone is a Libertarian, the best political faction in this great nation!