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  • Matt Stone is the other genius behind Comedy Central's South Park and one of the few great comic moinds of his day.

    As I said, Matt Stone is one of the few great comic minds in the US today. It all started in a film school in Colorado, where he, along with Trey Parker, made numerous different comical short films, using only construction paper. The inspiration for "South Park" began with a Christmas card they made called "The Joy of Christmas" and that was where the legacy began. They went on to produce the award winning Comedy Central TV show, and movie, still running on it's fourteenth season (they are signed on for 15). The show its self is oure comic genius, but the guys themselves are amazing. Aside from South Park, he (all along with Trey Parker) produduced and directed the movies "Orgazmo" and "Team America: World Police". He (they) also acted in the movie "Basketball" witch was the only movie they were in that he (they) did not direct my himself (themselves). His intereviews are hilarious to watch, as are the introductions to the earlier South Park episodes (not shown on the TV version, but you can see them online or if you purchase the first two seasons). He has a talent for exploiting things in daily life, and making light of them and showing them for what they really are. I hope there is plenty more of his work to come.