Matthew A. Wilson





6/13/1977 , Altus Air Force Base, OK

Birth Name



MATTHEW A. WILSON who plays "Harry" on CYBERCHASE For Real, was born one the Altus Air Force Base, OK, on June 13, 1977. During high school in Williamsburg, VA, Matthew began performing at Busch Gardens. He later went to Vassar College, hoping to go on to Medical School. Majoring in Biophysics, Matthew started a juggling group, and worked as an EMT. Each spring, he performed in the Vassar Opera Workshop and returned to performing at Busch Gardens in the summers. By graduation, he decided he wanted to be a full time performer. Before CYBERCHASE, Matt was hired to live in a glass-enclosed studio apartment on the back of a truck which traveled the mid-Atlantic states for three months advertising a pharmaceutical.