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    • Matthew Bennett: (talking about if he's like his character on "Battlestar Galatica") I'm not like Doral in my real life, although we do share the same kind of focus. If I decide I want to do something, I usually get it done.

    • Matthew Bennett: The acting business is a very strange and difficult business at the best of times and it certainly can put you through a lot of ups and downs. My wife is someone who understands that entirely and has helped me steer through so much in my career. She's also the ultimate travelling companion.

    • Matthew Bennett: To an extent I enjoy working as an actor in the sci-fi genre a little more. I think that overall, there's more freedom when it comes to storylines and possibilities within those stories, and I also enjoy the fact that I can get out of my world for a few moments.

    • Matthew Bennett: (on moving to Vancouver) There were lots of opportunities for me in Toronto, but I felt a need to move away. I was at a point in my life where I needed a completely different experience. I guess in part I was trying to re-invent myself.

    • Matthew Bennett: I like the themes that can be explored in science fiction very much. I think the genre allows us to look at our lives and explore the world we inhabit in a very interesting perspective.

    • Matthew Bennett: (on which character he enjoyed playing in "Stargate" more) Definitely Jared Kane. I was fortunate no to have to wear anything weird on my head and I was also fortunate with the episodes. There was a lot to play with. I also got to work with Michael Shanks who's good for some laughs. We had a good time on set.

    • Matthew Bennett: (on why he decided on acting) It seemed like a good fit. I was eighteen when I made the decision. I had considered other professions but I got a part in a play and I enjoyed every aspect of it. I felt focused. I thought it would be a great way to make a living.