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    [1]Jan 16, 2010
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    I hope that the time has passed forever in the entertainment industry for actors, tv personalities, movie stars - everyone, would realize how important it is to be themselves without thinking that there might be negative repercussions or a lack of for them if the are gay bi-sexual, or anything but the so called norm. I look at Ellen and feel so proud, same for Neil Patrick Harris and others. But it is now 2010, we have equal rights taking on a new movement.

    And we have a million young people that need to see that everything is o.k., that whatever we choose - it's o.k. And they need role models. That is so important in their lives and their future if they are going to realize their full potential.

    What better for our next generation to break down any barriers that still exist but by having the opportunity to see some of the most visible and popular people in the world, the television actors and journalists and movie stars, come out - be natural about it and even proud of it.

    We are people, normal, successful and professionals. We contribute many things to life, we respect our privacy, but there is the paparazzi; so let's beat them to the race for their search to sensationalize these kinds of things. Maybe they would start loosing their jobs and we would have less of those propoganda newspapers at the check-out lines at the supermarkets?

    Yes, I have read things. I am guilty. But I am hopeful that everyone in L.A. and NYC and the world over would not be afraid, but proud, help pave the way for our younger generation.

    Come on, do it!

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    I don't get why it has to be publicly divulged. :S That seems sorta backwards to me. They should respect their OWN privacy and keep it to themselves and people they KNOW personally! "I'm coming out hetero!" hahaha I mean gimme a break here. Too many begs for attention that go way too far.
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