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  • Talent, personality, charm and drop dead gorgeous - a killer combination!

    Matt Bomer plays my new favourite TV character, Neal Caffrey on White Collar, a convicted white collar criminal aiding the FBI in his area of expertise.

    He is wonderfully charming, clever, cheeky and it doesn't hurt that his eyes are the most incredible blue!! He's got a womanising aspect but remains likeable, possibly, loveable! Matt connects well with the other stars on his new hit show and creates believeable relationships. His developing friendship with the Elizabeth chracter, played by Tiffani Theisson, is particularly sweet.

    I look forward to seeing him on the Silver Screen as when he makes his debut in "What's Your Number?". It's only rumoured at this point, but director's everywhere would have to be crazy not to take advantage of this actor's exploding status.

    Overall, this actor is fun, true and a great guy to watch!