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  • Matthew is a foundation but not just standing, he's moving quietly through the hazy other world and is vital to success of what threatens his world

    His calm demeanour belies a heart of courage and his strength is not overlooked by his stoic assessment of any situation. An intregal component to the issues faced and at first revelation, impossible to win. Yet, he flies under the radar while giving his complete service to those he loves and admires even if it, sometimes, pushes against what he believes and the code he lives by. Even with the lingering pain of his wife abandoning him for the other world, you can count him in to fight even if this means assisting those that live in this world. His honour of truth wins over what has hurt him, everytime.
  • Matt Davis

    I was watching Pearl Harbor last night and i always thought the character, Joe, was HOT. So I decided to read the credits and find out who it was. Then i decided to look him up on the internet and when i found out it was the same guy from legally blonde i couldnt believe it. He looked so much different. He looked really great w/ blonde hair and I think it should be blonde again!!