Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox


7/14/1966, Abington, Pennsylvania, USA

Birth Name

Matthew Fox



Also Known As

Matt Fox
  • Matthew Fox as Jack of Lost.
  • Matthew Fox appears as Jack in the final...
  • Matthew Fox appears as Jack in the final...
  • Matthew Fox appears as Jack in the final...
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Matthew is best-known for playing Jack Shephard in Lost and Charlie Salinger in Party of Five. He debuted as a director with the feature "Lucky Bugger."

Matthew married Margherita Ronch in 1991. They have two children, Kyle and Byron and are expecting a third as of December…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Matthew Fox has announced that Lost will be his final TV project.

    • While studying at Deerfield Academy, Matthew was voted "Most Likely to Appear on Hee Haw."

    • Along with being an established actor, Matthew is also a model.

    • After graduating from the Columbia University, he applied for a job selling stocks at Prudential-Bache.

    • Matthew has been nominated for a Teen Choice Award six times, all for his performance in Lost but is yet to win one.

    • While promoting the movie Vantage Point, Matthew travelled to 9 countries within 3 weeks.

    • Matthew loves listening to music. "Arcade Fire", "Sigur Rós", "John Harold Arnold Bramwell", "Modest Mouse" and "The Black Angels" are some of his favourite bands.

    • Whenever free, he enjoys hosting youth football clinics on how to run the veer offense.

    • Mathew's Honors:

      - Matthew was chosen as one of People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive for 2007.
      - Matthew came in second place as Jack Shepherd on Lost on "TV's Best" in TV Guide for "TV's Best Jack." Kiefer Sutherland's 24 character, Jack Bauer, received the title as best.
      - Matt was one of People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive, 2006. He is found in the "Sexy at every age, Age 40".
      - Matthew was #1 on the "2006 Hottest TV Hotties" for the TV Guide Channel.
      - Matthew was chosen by People Magazine as one of the "50 Most Beautiful People in the World" in 1996.

    • While growing up in Wyoming, Matthew's father was very strict. Their family did not own a television set until he was in his teens.

    • Matthew used to chew tobacco. When he started modeling he moved onto smoking cigarettes, because it was unacceptable to chew tobacco.

    • Matthew acted as an assistant executive producer for the CBS series Designing Women in 1991.

    • Matthew appears in the UK L'Oreal Expert Men commercial in 2007.

    • Matthew didn't learn to swim until he was 21 years of age.

    • Matthew is right handed.

    • Matthew made his way into the entertainment business through modelling.

    • Matthew is a member of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity.

    • Matthew's co-star, Madison the Labrador Retriever who plays "Vincent" the Dog on Lost, lives with Matthew and his family.

    • Matthew was raised in Crowheart, Wyoming on his family's ranch. His parents, Francis and Loretta, raised longhorn cattle and horses and grew barley for Coors beer. His mother was also a teacher.

    • Matthew was #1 on the "2006 Hottest TV Hotties" for the TV Guide Channel.

    • Matthew was nominated in the category of Most Popular Actor at the 2006 British National Television Awards, which was won by David Tennant. Matthew did not attend the ceremony.

    • During the 2006 break from Lost, Matthew starred in the drama We Are Marshall with Matthew McConaughey. Once the movie was finished, Matthew headed to Mexico City and filmed a role in Vantage Point with William Hurt, Dennis Quaid and Sigourney Weaver.

    • Matthew is a smoker, despite rumors in the past that he quit.

    • Matthew did post-graduate high school study at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts.

    • Matthew attended Wind River High School.

    • Matthew attended Columbia University on a football scholarship. He graduated with a degree in Economics.

    • Matthew often invites over his fellow Lost cast members to watch the current episode of Lost at his pad.

    • Matthew enjoys horseback riding. He's been in the saddle since he was just six years old!

    • Matthew studied acting for two years at The School for Film and Television in New York City.

    • Matthew is six feet and two inches (1.88 metres)tall. This makes him the tallest principal cast member of Lost.

    • Before becoming an actor, Matthew wanted to work on Wall Street.

    • Matthew and his Lost co-stars Josh Holloway and Maggie Grace have all gone skinny-dipping together in Hawaii.

    • Matthew's nickname is "Foxy."

    • Football-lover Matthew is a Philadelphia Eagles fanatic.

    • Matthew and his wife have two children, Kyle (pronounced "Kyleigh") and Byron.

    • Matthew takes many pictures on the set of Lost. His photographs from the filming of the pilot were included on the First Season DVD set.

    • In 1996, Matthew did print commercials for the National Fluid Milk Processor Promotion Board's "Milk mustache" campaign.

    • Matthew was initially concerned about moving his family from California to Hawaii. He said "When the show was picked up for 13 episodes and we knew we were moving there, my daughter Kyle started crying. She said they were tears of happiness."

    • Matthew met his wife, Margherita Ronch, in 1987. He says she "was 19 years old and she didn't speak very good English." They got married in 1991.

    • Matthew worked nights loading flowers in New York's Wholesale District while he attended Columbia University.

    • Matthew's wife supported him in the early days of his acting career with several restaurant type jobs and by managing a coffee shop.

    • Matthew is friends with Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong.

    • In December 2006, Matthew and other members of the hit show Lost received their own line of 6 inch Lost action figures. Matthew's doll can say the following:
      - "If we can't live together, we're going to die alone."
      - "Everybody wants me to be a leader, until I make a decision they don't like."
      - "There's something that you need to know... We're going to have a Locke problem, and I have to know that you've got my back."

  • Quotes

    • Matthew: I do [swim] nude--and I coax other people to go nude as well. I have a reputation of being a skinny-dipper. I own it.

    • Matthew: I've been living in Hawaii for almost four years now, so it's not really paradise any more, man. Throwing snowballs on a mountain top is now paradise. We're moving to Oregon. I want to be closer to my brothers and their children. We really want our kids to have tight first-cousin relationships. I want to enjoy fishing, hiking, skiing, mountains and fresh air.

    • Matthew: I break the law all the time! I've done plenty of illegal narcotics, but I think everyone knowingly breaks the law pretty often, don't they? I can't imagine living my life abiding by the law completely. That'd be tough to do.

    • Matthew: I don't do anything on the Internet when it comes to my own name, because I'm terrified of what'll pop up.

    • Matthew: I enjoy skinny-dipping, because I'm comfortable in the nude. When I was a kid there wasn't a huge delineation in our family between having clothes on or not having clothes on. And the reason I have so much fun doing it nor is people are so shocked by it, and like, 'Oh my God, Fox just took his clothes off!' But I mean, just how long ago was it that we were all wandering around in loin cloths?

    • Matthew: Being on a horse is one of the most freeing experiences. It reminds me of home. It reminds me of being a kid.

    • Matthew: I'm just under the impression that when you go swimming in very warm climates at night with friends, you go naked…don't you? Maybe it's just me.

    • Matthew: If you look closely at a tree you'll notice it's knots and dead branches, just like our bodies. What we learn is that beauty and imperfection go together wonderfully.

    • Matthew: A job is something we do to get a paycheck and pay our bills. Jobs are legitimate, at times, but work is why we are here in the universe. Work and calling often go together.

    • Matthew: (On the popularity of Lost) It's sort of a show about the human species, not a show about anybody from any particular country or any nationality or any religious background.

    • Matthew: Every week when people get done watching an episode of LOST, they have no idea what's going to happen next. And they can't wait to find out, that's what storytelling is about.

    • Matthew: (On giving a photo book containing pictures from the filming of the pilot to the cast and crew) It was totally inspired, totally ripped off the idea from Jeff Bridges. I'm unashamed to admit that. I have a friend, Scott Wolf, who worked on a movie, White Squall, with Jeff Bridges and I remember seeing the book that Scott got from that project. I was like, 'Oh, that's the coolest cast and crew gift anybody could ever give anybody.'

    • (Matthew originally auditioned for the character Sawyer, but was cast as the lead, Jack, instead)
      Matthew: Oh, it would have been really different. I would have enjoyed playing it

    • Matthew: (On Sawyer and Josh Holloway) It's a snappy role, it's a fun role and Josh does such a great job with it. We have a really good time playing those two characters and really messing with each other. We have days when we don't talk to each other too much, and then we hug each other and move on.

    • Matthew: I'll always be a Tastycake fan, but I haven't had any for a long time.

    • Matthew: Cardio is the only way for me. I'd be lying if I said I didn't like to be in good shape. I have my own vanity, for sure, but you feel better when you're healthier.

    • Matthew: I shaved off all my hair the day I wrapped Party of Five. It was incredibly liberating.