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  • Matthew Fox overacts too much...

    Before flaming supercharged fanboys/girls start yelling at me, i have only seen matthew fox in Lost, We Are Marshall and Party of Five (with that ridiculous haircut), so am only basing off those performances.

    Fox is a very capable actor, but often takes things too far, and finds a way to cry and raise his voice whenever possible. If he just turned down the volume knob a bit, he might get a seven from me.

    His performances in 'Lost' are generally solid. he can express emotion well (but see above) and seems to interact smoothly with the other cast members.

    So Matthew, stop crying, PLEASE?!
  • Jack Shepard on Lost

    I have never really liked his character in lost, but one thing he does do a great job at is being believable. Jack has some of the best temper tantrums on the show, and it must take a really good actor to pull them off. He also does a great job of crying at will, and some people make fun of his constant tears, but I think his emotions are really true and although I have never been a big fan of Jack, Matthew Fox is one of the better actors on Lost. His character of Jack is certainly one of the better liked characters and it makes me laugh every time Jack fake laughs at Sawyer when he gets a new nickname!
  • An average actor that I am moderately impressed with.

    He's not like the next Jay Leno(which doesn't really make much sense anyway because Fox isn't even a comedian, but I didn't feel like changing what I wrote) or anybody else that's really famous that I can't think of, but he is still famous. As a star in Lost, I automatically had to like him. Any actor has to be good to be a star in Lost, well at least in my opinion, I know a lot of people think differently. I remember watching the show when it first came on and thinking, "Cool, Adam Sandler has a show!" I still can't get over how much he looks like Adam Sandler. It's crazy. I hope one day Matthew Fox will become a bigger star.
  • My co-worker loves this guy

    this guy is fine, but is helike his character on losT? if he is then he would be insufferable to be around: don\'t smoke that cigarette, we\'ve got to stick together. don\'t sit on the couch and play that video game, we\'ve got to get to the caves. stop sleeping in on the weekends, we have to fashion a raft from pieces of bamboo. you know what i mean.

  • Foxy and I have the same birthday: July 14 only he's 26 years older than me.

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  • Mateusz to przystojny aktor, choc nie robi takiego wrazenia jak np. Josh ale ma tez nudna role dobrego doktorka.

    Mateusz to przystojny aktor, choc nie robi takiego wrazenia jak np. Josh ale ma tez nudna role dobrego doktorka. Fatalnie wygladal w peruce w odcinku gdzie ratowal swoja przyszla zone, ktora niedawno byla przyszla zona Eda. Fajny byl motyw z Desmondem, podoba mi sie wprowadzanie takiego realizmu magicznego, jak np. to "Podnies stope" zastanawialam sie jak to wykorzytsa te informacje ale jakos nie pociagneli tego a szkoda
  • An average actor that I am moderately impressed with.

    He's not like the next Jay Leno or anybody else that's really famous that I can't think of, but he is still famous. As a star in Lost, I automatically had to like him. Any actor has to be good to be a star in Lost, well at least in my opinion, I know a lot of people think differently. I remember watching the show when it first came on and thinking, "Cool, Adam Sandler has a show!" I still can't get over how much he looks like Adam Sandler. It's crazy. I hope one day Matthew Fox will become a bigger star.
  • empty

    Matthew Fox has always been a great dramatic actor as he got his start in television. Now that he's resurrected his career on the hit show "LOST," Fox got a co-starring role, opposite Matthew McConaghey in "We Are Marshall." He did a wonderful job in that powerful movie.
  • Plays a good leader type guy

    I never watched that “Party of Five” thing, so I never saw Matthew Fox in anything before “Lost”. I was surprised at the fine performance he puts in on “Lost” thought. His character, Jack, seems to be the type of guy folks would look to for leadership in a situation like that, and Fox pulls it off pretty well. I guess I had a negative expectation, because I associated him with his previous co-stars like Hewitt, Chabert and that Wolf guy, all of whom should have never been actors in the first place.
  • he really is....handsome and good looking..

    Matthew Fox is for me a really talented actor and he fits perfect to the role Jack Shepard in the TV Show Lost. I like him..his appereance, his character.
    I like see him on TV, not because that he is so handsome :P, no he is a talented actor.
    I wish him good luck with further roles...he could play so much more.
    And his role Jack Shepard in the TV Show Lost, the character Jack, its a strong role and that he is a doc its even more better.
    I could think of Matthew Fox beeing a real doc, it fits to him too.^^
  • Too much of him on LOST

    I get really sick of having almost every episode it seems having Matthew Fox or Jack in it. I probably wouldn't mind him if he wasn't being shoved down my throat all the time. He's to much of a goodie-goodie and a hero all the time on LOST and is always involed in the main storylines. I don't mind him on other shows thats why I gave him an 5. But if I was scoring him just on LOST I would give hime a 1 becuase he really really bugs me. I know everyone's going to disagree with me but o well life goes on.
  • good actor...

    Matthew Fox is probably best known as playing Jack in ABC's Lost and he does a pretty good job as the character. Jack is a stranded doctor and assumes the leader role of the other survivors. I haven't seen Matthew Fox in anything other than Lost, so my analysis isn't totally informed. I believe that he is a bit better than average for an actor. He is also very adorable and pretty dang good looking, but that's not the point. His acting is good, nothing too special, but nothing bad. I would like to see him in other shows/movies in the future.
  • I wish I was in the Lost island with him :)

    Matthew is a very talented actor; he was good in Party of Five but gorgeous in Lost. Also I am thankful to series lost to introduce such a great actors and actresses to us like Matthew.
    He plays Dr. Sheppard so good in the first season everyone adored him, he was the white knight type of hero but he developed this character so well and showed us the dark sides of him that everybody understands that Dr. Sheppard is not a hero, he has also a bad side. I saw him in a big screen in Speed Racer, he disappoints me a bit. But I hope to see him again in another blockbuster.
  • GrRRRRRRReat!

    He is an awesome actor! He does a great job at, becoming his character. His character in LOST is all over the board and he is able to carry that out so well! He did an awesom job as well as "Red" in We are Marshall. He shined in the shadow of Matthew Maconhey( I think that is how you spell it.) He played a great role in Party of five as the older brother. He is now the leader of the pack in Lost and is doing so well as Jack! I hope that he ends up with Juliet and not the two timing Kate.
  • a Fantastic Actor!

    Matthew Fox known as Jack from Lost and one of my favourite Characters in that Show.

    I have never seen Matthew Fox act before LOst and I must say that he is really doing a great job in Lost and is one of my personal favourites as well.

    Matthew Fox is a very talented actor and he worked in some other movies such as Vintage Point.

    He is still a Young actor so I think we will see more of him in the future and that would be very interesting.

    I just love seeing him act as he always plays his part very well.
  • Matthew Fox is amazing. He became one of my favorites the first time I saw him on TV.

    Prison Break was awesome. But why am I talking about Prison Break when I'm supposed to review about Matthew Fox? I'll show you how this relates to each other but first you need to hear my story. I love Prison Break and when I finished the three seasons I was like "I'm bored." I probably shouldn't have finished the series in two months because I was ultimately depressed when I got nothing more to watch. What's up with the Writers' Strike?! I mean they stopped almost all TV Shows! Well, back to topic. So here I was sitting in front of the computer with a search engine up on screen. You can imagine how bored I was because I typed in random words. Until I typed Prison Break for fun. On page hundred is what it seemed like, I saw a discussion called "PRISON BREAK VS. LOST". Getting close to Matthew Fox now? So I watch LOST and I just feel amazed that he just became one of my favorite actors after just one episode. He's cool and he reminds me of Tom Cruise! So Matthew Fox got me into LOST and I got posters of him in my room, all that jazz. I was surprised that Mr. Fox was only forty one years old. I'm not talking about his looks but I'm talking about his talents. It was so amazing that at the age of forty one, he could be that talented. And plus he was first starred in 1993. I was disappointed to see Matthew Fox as an antagonist on Vantage Point because I really hoped to see him kick people's ***. Nice built up body (it makes me feel I should work out). I was a little shocked when I found out he liked drinking but again so do a lot of pepole haha. I think he should have won more awards for LOST (those of you who have seen it should agree with me BIG TIME). I can't tell how awesome he is so you'll just have to see him on TV. Or you can see the upcoming movie "Speed Racer" where he plays Racer X. I'm not sure how good the film is cuz it didn't come out yet and I'm not sure how good his part is nor how great he'll be seen. That was my review of "Matthew Fox".
  • Matthew gained fame for playing Charlie Salinger on Party Of Five.

    Matthew was born Matthew Fox on July 14, 1966 in Abington, Pennsylvania. His parents raised him on a farm where they made barley for Coors beer. He graduated from Deerfield Academy, and then went to Columbia University where he played football. Before graduating school, Matthew says he loaded flowers and worked in a coffee shop. His girlfriend's mom convinced him to do modeling, then acting. In 1991, he married Margherita Ronchi, they have two children: a daughter Kyle(pronounced "Kylie") born 1998 and a son Byron born 2001. He says he has tried to stop smoking but ends up smoking again. He landed the Jack Shephard and is the tallest cast member of LOST with 6'2 (1.88). He plays Jack Shephard really well.
  • empty

    Great actor. His filmography is not the best around, but I think that he is really cool as Jack in Lost, and the three movies (probably more) he has made along his career, have been good, and I think that it is just the start of a great start. I love Matthew Fox.
  • Jack is one of the coolest members on the Lost island.

    Matthew Fox, or as I am reviewing him, Dr. Jack Sheppard, is one of the coolest on the island in "Lost". Everyone looks to him as the leader, and he tries to help everyone, but maybe a little too much.
    We originally see Jack's devotion for helping people when he tried to save the US Marshall's life, despite the fact the Marshall could not be saved. Sawyer took a gun and shot the Marshall to kill him so the Marshall would not suffer, but he missed his heart so Jack had to suffocate him.
    Jack and Kate sort of have feelings for each other but Jack keeps an eye on her because he does not fully trust her because of her convict past.
    We found out that Jack worked with his dad as they were both doctors. But his father had a drinking problem, and that was the reason for the death of one or more of his patients. However, Jack did not side with his father and he turned his father in for it. I do not know what I would have done in Jack's situation, but you can't entirely blame him.
    We also found out that Jack's mother sent him to Australia to find his father, who went there after he lost his job because of what Jack did. But his father died, and Jack had to bring him back to the States to bury him, but that was the plane that crashed on the magical island that we have come to know so well.
    Jack saw his father on the island walking despite the fact his father is dead. Jack felt maybe he was hallucinating but John Locke said there was a chance he wasn't because the island is magical.
    Jack found the caves near water and brought half of the survivors there. However, he was trapped in a cave-in, but was saved by Charlie. Jack returned the favor by saving Charlie's life after he found him hanged in the forest by Ethan.
    Jack tried to help Boone after the accident with Boone on the cliff, but he couldn't, and Boone died.
    Jack is one of the coolest members on the Lost island. He saved lives and is "real", telling people what he thinks and how he feels about them or whatever they ask him about. He is always there to help them when they need it, no matter how he feels about them. And that's what makes him a good person.
    Season 1(9.0)
  • Still the best and deepest character on LOST.

    I considered Matthew Fox to be a good leading man on LOST, but the recent season finale just put him over the top. I saw him on a few POF eps, but didn't care for the show so I didn't really pay attention. He has good screen presence and he carries his dialogue well. What really struck me in his recent work is his intensity! The second half of the season 3 finale was by far his best acting in the series. Even with some rushed dialogue, he pulled it off in great fashion. Now this might just be my love for the show talking, but compared to the other actors on LOST, Matt takes the cake.

    If anything, Matt knows how to play characters naturally. He played a drugged out loser to perfection in this latest episode. Little things like spaced out eyes and nervous ticks were done with great care. I can honestly say that if it weren't for Jack and Kate (Another underrated actress), LOST wouldn't be on any more. I love the show, but it was getting pretty weak near the beginning of Season 3. Not to mention their great on screen chemistry.

    I would love to see Matthew get more work outside of LOST, but as for now, keep up the good work.
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  • What does he mean?

    Has anyone seen Matthew's current post? What does this mean?

    I've been searching for the angel in white, and I can feel her but she's nowhere in sight

    Swear I'm going to find you one of these nights

  • Great actor.

  • A worthwhile actor.

    Lost is the first thing I have seen Matthew Fox in, but I am very impressed with his acting. He does a great job portraying Jack, the doctor, leader of the survivors, and the de facto main character of the series. Jack has had the greatest amount of flashback episodes, and he appears in almost every episode, so he maybe under more pressure than the other actors. He does a good job making his character interesting because of the mixture of problems his character has had. He has had the guilt of his father's death, his wife cheating on him and divorcing him, lacking the ability of "let things go," and lack of faith. His performances as Jack are believable, and I think he deserves this role and any other role he will probably get in the future.
  • Date of Birth 14 July 1966, Abington, Pennsylvania, USA Nickname Foxy Height 6' 2" (1.88 m)

    Matthew's parents raised longhorn cattle and horses and grew barley for Coors beer. He entered the Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts for a post-grad year after high school, and then matriculated at Columbia University where he played football and majored in Economics with the intent to end up on Wall Street. However, his girl friend's mother was a modeling agent who convinced him to try some modeling which led to a couple of TV commercials. Soon after he was sold on acting.

    IMDb Mini Biography By: John Sacksteder Spouse
    Margherita Ronchi (1991 - present) 2 children Trivia
    Chosen by People (USA) magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world [1996]

    Graduated from Columbia University in 1989 with a degree in economics

    Daughter Kyle Fox (born in 1998) and son Byron Fox (born in 2001)

    Matthew studied acting for two years at The School for Film and Television in New York City.

    He frequently hosts parties at his house where the whole cast of "Lost" (2004) gathers to watch the last episode they had filmed.

    He was raised in Crowheart, Wyoming on the family ranch.

    He has been horseback riding since he was six years old.

    Attended Wind River high school and did post-graduate high school study at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts.

    Is good friends with Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong.
  • Matthew Fox is a great actor.

    Matthew Fox is an amazing actor who has appeared in many films and shows but he is commonly known as Dr Jack Shepherd the main character on the hit US drama "Lost".
    Matthew Fox was also a former model, he is also known for his role on a 1990s show called "Party of five".
    Fox was born in Abington, Pennsylvania, and raised on his family's horse ranch in Crowheart, Wyoming. His father, Francis G. Fox, was a geologist and rancher, and his mother, Loretta B. Eagono, was a teacher.He has an older brother, Francis, Jr., and a younger brother, Bayard. Following his graduation from Wind River High School in nearby Pavillion, Wyoming, Fox undertook a prep year at the private Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts, from which he gained admission to Columbia University. At Columbia, he played wide receiver, participating in the game that led to the end of Columbia's notorious 44-game losing streak. He was also a member of Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity. After graduating in 1989, he began acting with the Atlantic Theater Company. He also attended the School for Film and Television in New York City.
    Matthew Fox's Most recent film appearences of Matthew Fox are "We Are Marshall" and "Smokin' Aces", all in all I think Matthew Fox is a great actor and he is doing really well being the main character on my favourite show Lost, He should have been nominated for an Emmy by now and he should win.
  • Jack Shepard the main character in the best show ever- Lost.

    Matthew Fox is a terrific actor and he does amazing work in Lost. Some of my favorite quotes from him are in Season 1 when he says to Kate, "If you see or hear anything...Run." I also love when he is yelling at Desmond and he says, "Did you ever think maybe they make you push a button every 108 minutes just to see if you would?" "-Everyday" Desmond whispers. I also love the conflicts between Jack and Locke. "Is this what you were talking about, John? Is this your destiny?" Lost is an amazing show with some of the best actors ever. (This review is 108 words.)
  • Nobody else on this planet could play Jack Sawyer from Lost. And one gets the sense that Matthew Fox would do a fine job playing any dramatic lead male character.

    You can't deny the power of Matthew Fox's performance of Jack Sawyer. He makes you believe he is Jack Sawyer. Nobody else could play that role. This is what makes a good actor for me: he suspends your disbelief, draws you into his world, and forces you to come along for the ride... and you love every minute of it. Mr. Fox would certainly do well outside of Lost, but why should he? He's got a good thing going, and probably a rather large fanbase. I sincerely do hope that he sticks around for a while, whether it be in this role or in another capacity.
  • I am very surprised by you Foxy!

    So I have watched Matthew Fox ever since Party of Five, I have seen My Boyfriend's Back ,but don't remember much of it. My point is he has become a great great actor! I never knew it! In season three of Lost Matthew brings a whole other side of him to the screen, he was brilliant! This man can cry and yell like no other, and he makes you feel what Jack is feeling. Jack is my favorite character on the show, and I could not imagine him being played by anyone else. Foxy is Jack. He has completely brought this character to life, and it makes me root for him above all others. His chemistry with Evangeline, as well as the rest of the cast is beautiful. He has truly become one of my favorites in the last few years!
  • Simply great!

    The "Lost" star has all the ingredients to make it big. After he trained with "Party of Five", in his early career, he was more than ready to take on a greater role. Being Jack Shepard in the ABC series got Matthew Fox on the trampoline. Having a handsome face is on the recipe, and there was no much wonder when People Magazine put Matthew Fox among the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World, almost 12 years ago.

    Now we can say that Matthew matured beautifully and he did it as an actor, as well. I regretted when he did not get the Golden Globe award, but I believe that the future holds more good things for him.
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