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  • Don't ever underestimate this man.

    You know, this guy is probably one of the most talented actors I have ever seen in all of my life. And I'm not even kidding when I say that. He has always been one of the bravest characters in the show and I think he really deserves a lot of respect for that. Because only he could pull off the outstanding role of Jack Shepphard. When he plays the character, it's as though you can feel empathy for him. Like you are going through all these events with him. Because he makes this show feel real to us which makes this show so great. And that's something that very few can do. He has a great gift for acting and I think that "Lost" is very lucky to have him in their show. Overall, what I'm trying to say is, Matthew fox is the best actor of mankind without a doubt.
  • Just fantastic.

    Matthew Fox, who we have all come to know as Doctor Jack Shephard in the show Lost, is just a brilliant actor. In the real world, he seems like a great person. But back to the TV world, of LOST, he plays a very important role, without Matthew filling this role, the show would have turned out very differently. In my opinion, Jack has gone through many changes, keeping Matthew on his feet, always adjusting himself to keep in line with these changes, back in season one, Jack had to be my favourite on Lost, but slowly, theres just something about him, and I have begun to dislike him, Matthew plays him very well, and is very talented, will watch other shows he is in.
  • Mattew Fox is one of the most talented TV stars I've ever knew!

    Although I didn't watch or know him before his role in ABC's hit show "Lost," I have to say that I was quite impressed in Matthew's performance! He's, for no doubt, a very talented actor and he knows how to prove this in every episode of his show!

    Watching him in his interviews, I can say that despite all the publicity he got since last year, the man is very decent!

    I think that "Lost" should be a door he opened that will bring him endless oppurtunities in the future!

    Bottom Line: Matthew Fox got what it takes to rise like every other Hollywood star!
  • "By, far one of my favorite actors of all time"

    Mathew, your one of my favorite actors ofcourse, playing the stern yet macho form of Jack Shepard on my favorite show, "Lost". I wish it wouldnt end in two years but what are you gonna do. I recently went to Hawaii for a vacation and couldnt stop looking for you =D, My ultimate dream is to meet you, I would also like to meet Evangeline Lilly. But I can imagine so would 100 million other people in the world. I just want to let you know that out of the hundereds of thousands of people that watch you every time you play a part. I am cheering you on Bravo!
  • i love him! he's such a talented actor! he's one of my favoriye charectors on LOST!

    i love him! his acting is awesome. he can be funny, sexy, fearless, scared, worried and a whole bunch of other emotions on screen. he just makes LOST such a better show! where would all the other castaways be without their leader? someones got to make decisions. he just a good actor and has a great charector to play! i dont know who i like better, jack or matthew. probably both the same. people juust love him and it does help him that he is very HOT!!!!! lol
  • an incredibly talented actor!

    matthew fox has been the main reason for me to watch "party of five" and now he plays my favourite character in "lost" (which has a lot to do with his great performance). o.k., he is a very good looking guy but there is a lot in his appearance that goes way beyond this.

    he adds so much depth, warmth and humanity and still unpredictability to the character of jack in "lost". he first is introduced as being some kind of superhuman hero but the more the show is brought forward, the more he is shown as a character not being that perfect, struggeling inner demons and doubts, seeming to be losing it at times, suggesting that there have been things going on in the past wherein he has made some terrible mistakes and lapses.

    i think matthew fox is doing wonderful, brilliant and most credible acting dealing with the complexity and ambivialence of jack shepard. the more he loses his perfection, the more he shows his vunerability the more lovable he gets in my opinion.

    that is why i think "white rabbit" to be one of the best episodes of season 1. the scenes with matthew fox in the focus are absolutely striking (for instance the sheer horror he shows when he first sees he father in the jungle, then seeming to shrink to be a little boy again when he asks "dad?". the scene where he is crying when he sees his father dead and takes this crying back to the present, the scene where he is trying to convince the woman at the airline desk to allow him to take the coffin of his father home. ...).

    i'm looking forward to hopefully many more seasons of "lost" with many more scenes like that and i really hope, that matthew fox is going to have a major breakthrough to big screen one day!

  • Matthew Fox is a beautiful beautiful beautiful man who is taking on a great television character on a spectacular show. Props to Foxy!!!

    Matthew Fox is hott. He is talented and he works hard on his leading character on LOST. I love watching him tackle this difficult character, Jack Shepard, who struggles with his leadership role, his past demons, and the feelings he has about being on this island (and for Kate, cuz they belong together.) Especially after the 2/22 episode, Stranger in a Strangeland, Foxy proves his character out to be rounder than we thought - more than just a Dr., more than just a guy who cries a lot, and more than just a guy who yells a lot. Jack Shepard gets sh*t done. End of story. His acting on LOST makes me wanna go out and rent Party of Five and Haunted so I can catch up on past Foxy experiences. His guest spot on Saturday Night Live was pretty funny too.
  • I am very surprised by you Foxy!

    So I have watched Matthew Fox ever since Party of Five, I have seen My Boyfriend's Back ,but don't remember much of it. My point is he has become a great great actor! I never knew it! In season three of Lost Matthew brings a whole other side of him to the screen, he was brilliant! This man can cry and yell like no other, and he makes you feel what Jack is feeling. Jack is my favorite character on the show, and I could not imagine him being played by anyone else. Foxy is Jack. He has completely brought this character to life, and it makes me root for him above all others. His chemistry with Evangeline, as well as the rest of the cast is beautiful. He has truly become one of my favorites in the last few years!
  • A worthwhile actor.

    Lost is the first thing I have seen Matthew Fox in, but I am very impressed with his acting. He does a great job portraying Jack, the doctor, leader of the survivors, and the de facto main character of the series. Jack has had the greatest amount of flashback episodes, and he appears in almost every episode, so he maybe under more pressure than the other actors. He does a good job making his character interesting because of the mixture of problems his character has had. He has had the guilt of his father's death, his wife cheating on him and divorcing him, lacking the ability of "let things go," and lack of faith. His performances as Jack are believable, and I think he deserves this role and any other role he will probably get in the future.
  • Matthew Fox's portrayal of Jack has been synonymous with the quality and success of the show. The best!

    Without Matthew Fox as Jack, this show would not have been nearly as successful. Since the first episode, Matthew Fox's intensity has driven me to watch every episode and depend upon his character to pull me through to the next one, when sometimes, the show's direction became pretty murky. The gripping emotion and sometimes pure angst he can convey with just his eyes is incredibly compelling. He is so believable, despite being the star of a show that requires one to suspend belief to enjoy. He reveals overwhelming insight without saying a word. I will admit, however, that his performances given in all of the prior seasons were more convincing than this final year. It seems that, at times, he (Matthew Fox) doesn't care anymore and has "checked out". Notwithstanding, I am basing my review on all of the show's history, not just recent episodes. I still love Jack.
  • You got to love him in Lost and heard hes not half bad in Party of Five also.

    Once the shining heartthrob of TV's hottest series, Party Of Five, Matthew Fox is a star of the 90s whose talent and charm have endured. Found starring and various films since Five went dark, Matthew Fox is now the central figure in the hit ABC series Lost. His lead role in Lost was the first seeing him. He is a great actor although at times on Lost he annoys me I do enjoy his acting.
  • Great Actor!

    I Love Matthew Fox, His Acting Techniques Are Great. I've Only Ever Seen Him In Lost And a Little In Part Of Five But I'm Basing This Review On Lost. You Can Really Tell Jack's Emotions And Matthew Makes Jack a Hero Even When He Isn't a Hero Within The Losties. That's a Sign Of a Great Actor. Well Done Matthew Fox. *Claps Hands*
  • I love him!

    I really love him! He's a great actor! He is really good in lost too! that's where I first saw him. He plays his character very good and he is really good in showing his emotions. You can really see if he's happy or not. I love when actors are good in that because then you are really in the story. He's my favourite actor in lost!
  • Review

    Known best, and sometimes only, as Jack Sheppard on the hit series Lost. Mathhew Fox has tried to reach the big screen as well, co starring in the recent box office hit We are Marshall. However, the biggest problem Matthew has is that no character he ever plays will live up to Jack Sheppard. Matthew Fox was born to play Jack Sheppard on Lost and he does it with the intensity and integrity that makes it exciting to watch him act on Lost from week to week. Many people think that he could have been cast better, however there is no one better to play Jack Sheppard then Matthew Fox and I think his performance on the show over the past couple of seasons has been amazing. I think that Matthew Fox should be getting a lot more oppurtunites to appear in movies. I think We Are Marshall was a decent start with him, but I think he hasn't even hit his prime yet
  • Matt is sooo hot and talented perfect match.

    Matt is like the fittest man on earth he is soo hot. I could watch and look at him all day. He would definatly be my reason for staying in bed. ;) Also he is soo talented he is such a great actor, but lost is definatley his best performance. Sexy and talented cant get a better match. I wish i were stuck on an island with him. no one else. His wife is so so lucky. Im am so his biggest fan. If i ever met him I would be thinking i were imagining it. He's so fit. He is even fitter than chad michael murray and i used to think that were impossible so i was wrong.
  • What an actor and what a show!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If it wasnt for lost i would never have known about this talented actor. The same goes for the other members of lost. I think that the show is amasing, but without the actors and actress's they have now, the show would be crap. Im not so sure about the new girl who just came in on series 2 because she isnt really out of the original cast, but thats probably because she is new. She might even become as good as the others but that would mean shed have to be the best. Im just glad i av something to do on tuesday nights. And i have to say, id be lost without it, wouldnt you?
  • Matt or Charlie in Party of Five was always one of my favorite actors growing up. Don't get me wrong I started watching POF because of the lovely Neve Campbell but once I started watching the show, I decided that was the type of person I wanted to be.

    Matthew is an outstanding actor and I have been waiting to see him in something great like Lost every since the last episode of POF went of the air. He had this greatness about him in POF that let you know that he could play any role. It's just a shame that it has took this long to get him back in the act so long but it was worth the wait. Great show awesome actor. Also, it would be great if we could get Scott Wolfe involved into Lost.
  • Matthew Fox is a fine, talented actor with a great range at dramatic performance.Strong on-screen presence. This actor should be doing more feature films!

    I remember him in Party of Five and looks like he has evolved even further as a fine actor. I wonder if Jack and Kate will finally hook up for real in the Second Season. I am thinking that Anna Lucia, if not Kate, will get together with Jack. Matthew Fox should be doing more features films. He has strong on-screen presence and is a talented actor indeed.
  • Simply great!

    The "Lost" star has all the ingredients to make it big. After he trained with "Party of Five", in his early career, he was more than ready to take on a greater role. Being Jack Shepard in the ABC series got Matthew Fox on the trampoline. Having a handsome face is on the recipe, and there was no much wonder when People Magazine put Matthew Fox among the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World, almost 12 years ago.

    Now we can say that Matthew matured beautifully and he did it as an actor, as well. I regretted when he did not get the Golden Globe award, but I believe that the future holds more good things for him.
  • Jack Shepard the main character in the best show ever- Lost.

    Matthew Fox is a terrific actor and he does amazing work in Lost. Some of my favorite quotes from him are in Season 1 when he says to Kate, "If you see or hear anything...Run." I also love when he is yelling at Desmond and he says, "Did you ever think maybe they make you push a button every 108 minutes just to see if you would?" "-Everyday" Desmond whispers. I also love the conflicts between Jack and Locke. "Is this what you were talking about, John? Is this your destiny?" Lost is an amazing show with some of the best actors ever. (This review is 108 words.)
  • a Fantastic Actor!

    Matthew Fox known as Jack from Lost and one of my favourite Characters in that Show.

    I have never seen Matthew Fox act before LOst and I must say that he is really doing a great job in Lost and is one of my personal favourites as well.

    Matthew Fox is a very talented actor and he worked in some other movies such as Vintage Point.

    He is still a Young actor so I think we will see more of him in the future and that would be very interesting.

    I just love seeing him act as he always plays his part very well.
  • Matthew Fox is amazing. He became one of my favorites the first time I saw him on TV.

    Prison Break was awesome. But why am I talking about Prison Break when I'm supposed to review about Matthew Fox? I'll show you how this relates to each other but first you need to hear my story. I love Prison Break and when I finished the three seasons I was like "I'm bored." I probably shouldn't have finished the series in two months because I was ultimately depressed when I got nothing more to watch. What's up with the Writers' Strike?! I mean they stopped almost all TV Shows! Well, back to topic. So here I was sitting in front of the computer with a search engine up on screen. You can imagine how bored I was because I typed in random words. Until I typed Prison Break for fun. On page hundred is what it seemed like, I saw a discussion called "PRISON BREAK VS. LOST". Getting close to Matthew Fox now? So I watch LOST and I just feel amazed that he just became one of my favorite actors after just one episode. He's cool and he reminds me of Tom Cruise! So Matthew Fox got me into LOST and I got posters of him in my room, all that jazz. I was surprised that Mr. Fox was only forty one years old. I'm not talking about his looks but I'm talking about his talents. It was so amazing that at the age of forty one, he could be that talented. And plus he was first starred in 1993. I was disappointed to see Matthew Fox as an antagonist on Vantage Point because I really hoped to see him kick people's ***. Nice built up body (it makes me feel I should work out). I was a little shocked when I found out he liked drinking but again so do a lot of pepole haha. I think he should have won more awards for LOST (those of you who have seen it should agree with me BIG TIME). I can't tell how awesome he is so you'll just have to see him on TV. Or you can see the upcoming movie "Speed Racer" where he plays Racer X. I'm not sure how good the film is cuz it didn't come out yet and I'm not sure how good his part is nor how great he'll be seen. That was my review of "Matthew Fox".
  • An average actor that I am moderately impressed with.

    He's not like the next Jay Leno or anybody else that's really famous that I can't think of, but he is still famous. As a star in Lost, I automatically had to like him. Any actor has to be good to be a star in Lost, well at least in my opinion, I know a lot of people think differently. I remember watching the show when it first came on and thinking, "Cool, Adam Sandler has a show!" I still can't get over how much he looks like Adam Sandler. It's crazy. I hope one day Matthew Fox will become a bigger star.
  • Matthew fox is an amazing actor and he is also my favourite character on Lost. Because he is the leader of the survivers and makes the right choices.

    Matthew fox is awsome I absolutely think he is the best character on Lost because he is a leader aswell as nice, caring, compassionate and looks after the sick or injured of the castaways on the show. If I were to be on Lost I would definatly want to be jack, and to play his role. Hes a very good man that deserves so much better on the show, because his wife left him for another man, his fathers mysterious death and reappearing back on the island and the number one thing is he is lonely and doesn't have anyone to share his feelings with. So overall I think matthew fox is an amazing actor and man and he plays a very important role on lost.
  • He's awesome!

    Matthew Fox is a very talented actor. I had never heard of him before his role of Dr. Jack Shephard on LOST. But now that I've seen him act, I think he's great. He is amazing at acting. He's one of my favorite characters on LOST. He just seems so real when he's acting. I can't even explain what I'm trying to say. But now I am definitely a huge fan of his. I think he's pretty hot too!!! He seems like he would be a cool person to get to talk to. Maybe one of these days I'll get to meet him. (yeah right!) Matthew Fox rocks!
  • Great actor

    Really great actor in LOST, I think he brings a lot to the set and he should have a really great career after LOST because of its massive sucess. I think he possible could be replaced easily however, which is sad because he is a good actor but his character is not suited to him. I KNOW lots of people will probably disagree with me there but you know... I would like to see him vary his acting in other shows or maybe films to see how good of an actor he is.It may be the script writing but I don't think he is anything like his character in real life.
  • Great Talent

    Matthew fox is now my favourite charcater on TV. The way he plays Jack in "Lost" is great he has the atitude and the personality spot on and always act the the best of his abilities. I hopr to late see him get lead roles in movies and more TV hits. But for the time being i would like to see him stay on "Lost" and keep his role as jack shepard. He is Luck because he gets to act "Lost" on a tropical island filled with wildlife. Usually when you think of acting you think of a studio with 10 carmeras around you and coke cans on the floor, but nope not for him and the island.
    He is also a lucky guy getting to work with the acters that he works with. Together "Lost" is 10/10 for me and always will be.
  • When i started to watch Lost..

    When i started to watch Lost, i liked Sawyer much more than Jack. But after season 1 Jack has become my favourite character . And the reason why i prefer Jack to other characters is because he's played by Matthew Fox. It's not just handsome and clever person. Matthew Fox is one of the most talented actors, who has a great charism and such a beautiful style of acting. That's all i can say. He's just great.
  • Matthew is best-known for playing Jack Shephard in "Lost" and Charlie Salinger in "Party of Five." He debuted as a director with the feature "Lucky Bugger." He and his family currently reside in Hawaii, near the set of "LOST."

    I think he is the hottest star in the List cast, and that kate shoukd totally give him a try. I also think that he should have more and more oppertunities that just going on a couple movies and lost, because he is a very talkented actor and should have a very big career with his portray of Jack Sheppard on lost, he will probally get more career oppertunities in tome but for now he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot on lost. If they get off the island then he will look twice as good as he does with the dirty sexy doctor on the island.
    TOTALLY LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • empty

    Matthew Fox is brilliant in Lost. In season 1, I liked him the most, in season 2 he got a little too serious and I liked him less and I hope in season 3 he won't be too serious.
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