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  • help a disabled veteran

    NIE contest creates hypocrites 8-7-07
    Veterans Hospital Manchester NH
    Peter Macdonald 465 Packersfalls rd Lee NH 03824 603-659-6217 I spoke to Dr Dan yesterday. I am proud to know that there are people willing to take a chance to make America better. I am a nobody. My life ended when I committed my first kill. I stand without care of consequences because I owe those that never came back alive, this respect. The respect to have someone not let what they (Military) gave their lives for be diminished. I have no understanding of life around me because of a Traumatic brain injury that I received just after boot camp. I to this day remember nothing prior to that accident. At 17, I was and am today a United States Marine. Because of an admin error, I was shipped overseas with the mind of a 10 year old. I came back alive and I should not have. A lot of better people than I died for your freedom. Dr. Dan would make these dead veterans proud. My veterans medical has been stopped by NH Veterans Director Mark Levenston. I am a 100% service connected disabled veteran. I have three disabilities. Two were received in separate combat support missions. I stand strong not for my self. My life is over. I stand for those veterans unable to stand or those that the system buries with out recognizing. For Mark Levenston to stop my medical benefits for disabilities that I receive defending this country constitutive a crime. I have informed from President Bush down to the lowest person. No one cares because the News Media refuse to publish my letters. Dr. Dan tells me that Mark Levenston is caught between a rock and a hard place. Dr. Dan tells me Mark Levenston is really trying to help me. I am allowed to sneak into the Manchester VA hospital as long as I call in advance to get an armed guard ready. I have violated no laws. I have threatened no one. The distance to Manchester causes a hardship. Dr. Dan and Mark must understand you can kill me. I stand strong so this criminal act can never happen to another veteran. I told Dr Dan this. The news media, not publishing this letter is the biggest insult to all veterans. The United States is built on the opinion of the people. I came home disabled. To use my medical condition to control my free speech should out rage the News Media. IS not free speech what allows the news to exist? I hope the news prints this thank you to Dr Dan. If we can not help others why are we here. The NH newspapers are praising them selves for creating a First Amendment Contest to teach students. Veterans give their lives for this document and these sponsors censor a disabled United States Marine opinion. "live free or die" Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi