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  • Matthew gained fame for playing Charlie Salinger on Party Of Five.

    Matthew was born Matthew Fox on July 14, 1966 in Abington, Pennsylvania. His parents raised him on a farm where they made barley for Coors beer. He graduated from Deerfield Academy, and then went to Columbia University where he played football. Before graduating school, Matthew says he loaded flowers and worked in a coffee shop. His girlfriend's mom convinced him to do modeling, then acting. In 1991, he married Margherita Ronchi, they have two children: a daughter Kyle(pronounced "Kylie") born 1998 and a son Byron born 2001. He says he has tried to stop smoking but ends up smoking again. He landed the Jack Shephard and is the tallest cast member of LOST with 6'2 (1.88). He plays Jack Shephard really well.