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  • Matthew Fox is amazing. He became one of my favorites the first time I saw him on TV.

    Prison Break was awesome. But why am I talking about Prison Break when I'm supposed to review about Matthew Fox? I'll show you how this relates to each other but first you need to hear my story. I love Prison Break and when I finished the three seasons I was like "I'm bored." I probably shouldn't have finished the series in two months because I was ultimately depressed when I got nothing more to watch. What's up with the Writers' Strike?! I mean they stopped almost all TV Shows! Well, back to topic. So here I was sitting in front of the computer with a search engine up on screen. You can imagine how bored I was because I typed in random words. Until I typed Prison Break for fun. On page hundred is what it seemed like, I saw a discussion called "PRISON BREAK VS. LOST". Getting close to Matthew Fox now? So I watch LOST and I just feel amazed that he just became one of my favorite actors after just one episode. He's cool and he reminds me of Tom Cruise! So Matthew Fox got me into LOST and I got posters of him in my room, all that jazz. I was surprised that Mr. Fox was only forty one years old. I'm not talking about his looks but I'm talking about his talents. It was so amazing that at the age of forty one, he could be that talented. And plus he was first starred in 1993. I was disappointed to see Matthew Fox as an antagonist on Vantage Point because I really hoped to see him kick people's ***. Nice built up body (it makes me feel I should work out). I was a little shocked when I found out he liked drinking but again so do a lot of pepole haha. I think he should have won more awards for LOST (those of you who have seen it should agree with me BIG TIME). I can't tell how awesome he is so you'll just have to see him on TV. Or you can see the upcoming movie "Speed Racer" where he plays Racer X. I'm not sure how good the film is cuz it didn't come out yet and I'm not sure how good his part is nor how great he'll be seen. That was my review of "Matthew Fox".