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  • Matthew Fox's portrayal of Jack has been synonymous with the quality and success of the show. The best!

    Without Matthew Fox as Jack, this show would not have been nearly as successful. Since the first episode, Matthew Fox's intensity has driven me to watch every episode and depend upon his character to pull me through to the next one, when sometimes, the show's direction became pretty murky. The gripping emotion and sometimes pure angst he can convey with just his eyes is incredibly compelling. He is so believable, despite being the star of a show that requires one to suspend belief to enjoy. He reveals overwhelming insight without saying a word. I will admit, however, that his performances given in all of the prior seasons were more convincing than this final year. It seems that, at times, he (Matthew Fox) doesn't care anymore and has "checked out". Notwithstanding, I am basing my review on all of the show's history, not just recent episodes. I still love Jack.