Matthew Goode

Matthew Goode


4/3/1978, Exeter, England, UK

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Born Matthew William Goode on April 3, 1978 in Exeter, England, Matthew lived there with his father and mother, who was an amateur theatre director. Matthew began his acting career by studying drama and theatre arts at Birmingham University. He then went on to study classical theatre at…more


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    • Matthew: (talking about auditioning for match point) I think auditioning is brilliant, it just scares the hell out of me. So the director of Match Point, Woody Allen, he was like, "Well, could you be here at this time, at nine in the morning and someone will come meet you here in the square." It was all quite secretive. It started to rain, so I was smoking outside and I was like, "You may be Woody Allen, but hurry the hell up. It's pissing down rain out here." I looked like a drowned rat by the time I got in to meet him and the meeting lasted for about a minute and a half. He basically sort of summed it up and said, "Well I just kind of wanted to see what you looked like in the flesh and now I have. Thanks very much." And I was like, "Okay…".

    • Matthew: (talking about his first impression of theatre) On women and on acting. I don't think… I wasn't usually hook on acting at that point. But then again, I think the thing I loved my mother did direct amateur dramatics. So it was quite a extraordinary world of people smoking and laughing and drinking and… it was quite exotic.

    • Matthew: (talking about his first kiss) Michelle Howford… was her name. She was a little minx and yeah well, had a kiss on stage. I don't think it was particularly enjoyable… but it was my first.

    • Matthew: (talking about his very first acting role) First part… oh god, I think it was Prince Charming and I got a horrible feeling, no actually that was, that was at school. My mother made me made, my mother made me play some sort of singing rodent in, in Wind in the Willows. One of my finest performances (sarcastically he says).

    • Matthew: (talking about his daily life as a child) I was a bit of a bookworm actually. I used to shut myself away. I was a day boarder at my school, so I finish school, I come home, I'd generally eat 5 packs of crisps, y'know. And then I'd go upstairs and just like, "I've got no one to play with now, my brothers gone away." So, I sort of… if you'll excuse the expression, entertain myself. Um and lets face it, I was probably doing a lot of that as well.

    • Matthew: (talking about drugs) Why doesn't everybody just get on drugs, make it fair… you can take what the hell you like and lets see who's the quickest. Seriously, jam it in… see what you got.

    • Matthew: (talking about his first memories) As far as I'm concerned, my first memory was watching Daley Thompson win the decathlon, the Olympic gold medal at Los Angeles, which is 1984 and you're like, "How can I possibly not have the thought before the age of six?" That's just weird.

    • Matthew: When it comes to acting, it is very limiting to be English. It was 'Bring on the posh!' All the parts I was being offered involved my accent or someone with money and title.

    • (on his male and female fans)
      Matthew: That's great isn't it? Hoo-Rah! If the birds don't work out,
      I can switch to the boys.

    • (on his relationship with his girlfriend)
      Goode: Brilliantly random.

    • (on winning his part in Chasing Liberty)
      Goode: They made me sweat for a week because they thought I was to hip-hop, which as you can see is quite an extraordinary comment really

    • (about his girlfriend)
      Goode: She's incredibly beautiful, I never thought I had a chance with her.

    • Goode: Of course the press will have a field day with my name, not a Goode performance.