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  • A big fan that needs help

    PLEASE READ if everyone could give a 1.00 up to 5.00 it will add up and it would be a huge blessing 8tjs
  • P-E-R-F-E-C-T!

    Just love him!
  • Mr. Reed

    I love you so much you are indeed my favorite actor I think they did an awesome job with your character on Criminal Minds, I hope someday I can meet you. My mom passed away on May 20,2013 and she loved you as much as I do, just wanted to say keep up the good work and hopefully my dream will come true in meeting you. Your biggest fan, Terese Beamon a chick from Thibodaux,La.
  • Apart from just being awesome!

    Okay, I have seen Mr. Gubler in 500 days of summer and I really wanted to see him in more of that but in Criminal Minds, he is my 1st favorite character, whereas Penelope is next. Spencer is my favorite character because he is so cute, his back story is cool, when we watched it in 'Epilogue' about how his dad might be a killer and he doesn't just bring the nerdiness and the comedy of being the smartest man in the room but I know that he loves to play that character and he's having fun while he is! Keep being yourself!
  • Matt, please don't leave Criminal Minds!

    Best ACTOR on the show! He is just brilliant! Plz don't leave Season 9! :( The show is just dead to me if he leaves!
  • Our dr. Reid

    I have nothing else to say except - just love him!!!!!!!!!!

    Brilliant actor and cant wait to see more of him.
  • Spencer Reid

    I really love Spencer Reid, in my mind he is so cool I only wish I was like him. U see I have a hard time making friends and understanding things. but not when it comes to movies and somethings that I read or TV stuff. The shows I watch the most r Criminal Mind, CSI LA,CSI MIAMI,CSI NY, Castle, The Mentalist, NCSI LA, NCSI DC and a whole lot more. But I really like the Criminal Minds cause Its somewhat a show that some people can understand why there lives r so much more to them now than later down the road. its hard for some to get this but me I somewhat see Criminal Minds as a way to see what other family's and friends have gone through and try to help them see that the best way u could help the one u lost is by living ur life for them and helping others on the way.
  • He is the whole package, he has looks, he's smart, has a nice build and great personality and the rest of the stars compliment him and each other.

    I love the show and I admit it was hard to pick a favorite, but he is smart, has personality and he is good looking! *Please quit cutting his hair, it is part of his personality. The show has a great plot and always ends on a note that leaves you pondering about that particular episode. I've always been a fan of this type of show, but they are above the mark! I do not miss an episode, if I don't watch it live I set up the DVR. Each individual has their own unique personality and add something special to this show and every season and every episode. I've never seen an episode that I didn't like but there are a few that I have saved on my DVR because they are that good! Thumbs UP!
  • Where do I start?


    Seriously, where do I even begin with him. He really is a fantastic actor, a quality human being, great director. There's so much to say about him. He seems genuine, down to earth, enthusiastic, and an intelligent person. He's a unique celebrity in a world of unique celebrities. That sounds weird I know but a lot celebrities have their own quirks and things that make them stand out from the others. But when we're talking about Matthew, he seems to be a whole new brand of unique. He gives his fans a new name fands (fans/friends), he seems to use the word thank you quite frequently, he did all his own artwork for his website. He made the sounds as well. In fact, just about anything Matthew does, if it's a list or even a short letter he'll write it out on paper at home before he posts to Twitter or his tumblr. He spends over two hours meeting around 600 people/fans after a pajama/college storytime thing. Sorry couldn't come up with a better word at the moment. Then there's his mismatching socks and his story behind that, his paintings/artwork, how he views life. He just keeps blowing you away. I could go on about him but I think I'll leave that for my many Tumblr posts.

  • Ohhh how I love him!


    He is a Phenomenal actor, funny and HOT! I love him very much, especially because of his role on Criminal Minds as Dr. Spencer Reid. He plays the role amazingly ,and makes the cutest nerd in the entire history of the world! Everytime I watch the show (which is every day) Reid just makes me giggle because of the amazing way Matthew potrays the character. If he didnt do such a great job I wouldnt be able to love the character as much. Unfortunatly I've never seen him in anything else so I have to base my love for him on Criminal Minds.

    He is my favoritist actor of all time. My ultimate dream is tomeet him!He is an awesome actor,he seems like a very good guy and he's just awesome! (And smokin'hot!)I

  • A fun and talented guy!!!


    This guy has loads of talent! He can act really well, he does magic which is hot, and the episodes he's directed so far are amazing! On top of all that he's also a genuinely fun guy that loves interacting with fans, has a great sense of humor and is SO unbelievably down to earth despite his recent successes. He;s young, charismatic, adventurous, quirky in a good way and Super cute hence the modeling gigs. I hope to see a lot more of MGG!!!!!

  • Love him!

    I love him as he is a personal favorite and that he brings not just nerdiness makes it look cool and cute
    Very talented actor and hope and pray that if the show is over(Hopefully not for a long, long, time LOL!!)
    He will break out as he does have a wonderful future ahead of him!
  • Matthew Gray Gubler.. A hot dork!

    Although Matthew had a small role in The Aquatic life.. in which it wasn't all that great, his role that is. He has a much larger role in Criminal Minds. His dorky but genious character, Dr. Reid, is hot in a way only Matthew could play it. He has a very young, plesant look about him which makes him all the more appealing. I really like the show, Criminal Minds and I think Matthew will be a hit in more movies to come.
  • Endearing, funny, and to top it off, adorable.

    Matthew Gubler has quickly become one of my favorite actors on television. I am intrigued by his character, especially his 'autistic leadings' because my brother is autistic. Maybe this is why I find his character so endearing. His portrayel of the awkward genius is original, hilarous and heartwarming. I especially love his interactions with the rest of the BAU team, especially Morgan.
  • My review of him

    OMG he is so totally gorgeous!! he is the epiphany of a perfect man. i love him. he is absolutley amazing. he\'s a fab actor and he really brings something to criminal minds : quantico. its amazing i mean he can act and he can direct which isn\'t very common i don\'t think. u shud so totally giv him a spot on the 50 hottest celebrities, preferably number 1
  • I am someone who has never considered myself a television watcher, but when I got pregnant, my late night outings stopped and I became an addict..thanks to this show. Spencer dragged me into the drama, I frequently find myself talking out loud, expressing

    Gubler's character, Spencer, is the most believable dramatic act I have ever seen...I used to watch t.v. He brings me evening entertainment that I am excited to talk about the next morning, perhaps because I remember what I did the night before, and I was actually thoroughly enthused. Matthew Gray Gubler is underrated and perhaps under appreciated. I would love to see him in more scenes for this show, as well as some appearances in other shows. His boyish good looks and innocent charm give him my vote as becoming the next "it" guy. Admitting I have this addiction is the first step in realizing that I don't want help.
  • This actor/director/children's magician/former model is a perfect ten across the board. His boyishly gorgeous looks are simply icing on the cake. He possesses a very real screen presence, portraying Reid in such a likable way that this character alone dra

    Criminal Minds, with its story lines, twists, wide variety of psychopaths, music, and cinematography, satisfies the adrenaline junkie in me. This is my first experience with being hooked on a series to the point where I actually care if it comes back the next season. The entire cast is outstanding, and the actors have great chemistry together, but Gubler, in my opinion, is the most talented (I think the only other actor that rivals him for that distinction is Mandy Patikin).

    Gubler's facial expressions, mannerisms, attention to smaller details, and emotions he conveys through his eyes honestly bring his character to life; in short, he humanized Reid. Gubler has taken an original, sympathetic approach to playing the classically misunderstood genius. A lesser actor could have easily turned this role into one giant cliche or, at best, given this character an annoying personality.

    When I first started watching this show, my instinctive reaction was to give Reid a hug because I felt so bad for him. Just examine the character. Reid was born with the kind of uncanny brilliance that branded him a social misfit from birth. Connecting with his peers on a "normal" level was never an option. He grew up far ahead of his time, which is probably something that is very difficult to cope with. He has taken a ton of crap from people his whole life for his amazing abilities. Years of ridicule produced his understandable social anxieties, his fear of speaking out, and his natural reaction to withdraw internally. There have been instances during different episodes when I wished Reid would scream out, "I did not ask for this! I'm a human being too, remember? So just treat me like one!" The recent revelation about his mother's schizophrenia further demonstrated why he struggles with sadness and loneliness. I really hope the writers give him a girlfriend in the next season.

    Aside from characterization, one of the things I have enjoyed throughout the season was watching Reid grow and transform. His social skills improved. He conquered some of his fears. He is learning how to use his gifts. Reid has so many dimensions and layers that you constantly learn something new about him. You never quite know what is going to happen next, which is very cool. My main gripe is that he is not always used enough in the episodes. He needs to be focused on more often.

    My other favorite thing is the way the writers turned the BAU into, essentially, his second family. When you watch the other team members, they all tend to act as if they have adopted him. Gideon is definitely the father figure. Even though he puts up a stoic front, you can tell that he loves and watches out for Reid with a fatherly approach. Hotch represents the protective older brother. Morgan acts like the brother that gets a kick out of messing with Reid but at the same time continuously tries to pull him out of his shell. You can tell that he really does care about him. Elle is a little bit harder to figure out. Despite her occasional rude moments, she is usually the first to show consideration for Reid's feelings and has admitted to admiring his genius. JJ and Garcia are friendly towards him.

    Again, I absolutely love watching Gubler onscreen (and not just because he is beautiful). Thanks to him, I am officially addicted to Criminal Minds. I hope to see this multi-talented guy in future projects when the show ends (which hopefully will not be for a looong time). He just has way too much going for him to disappear. Oh yeah, it is also awesome that he actually answers his own fan mail. I wrote him a short email one night thinking there was no chance he would ever read it, much less respond. I got a reply the next day. He was so sweet!
  • Wonderful actor whose personality really shows on his webpage.

    Matthew Gray Gubler is a wonderful actor. He was good in "The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou" as Intern #1. His character was cute and loyal. As Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid in "Criminal Minds", he does a terriffic job of portraying a socially awkward genius. He certainly has the cute nerdy look to enhance it. His character is the one I love the most on the show. I have been to his webpage a couple of times, and his personality really shines through. He is definitely someone I would want to get to know better if I ever had the chance. I hope to see the movie "RV" soon. But I especially can't wait for the new season of "Criminal Minds", just can't get enough Reid!!:)
  • Actor, director, screenplay writer, magician... What can't he do?

    As an amateur stage actor, I find myself very often looking at television and movie stars for how they personify the character, and normally, especially by younger actors, am disappointed. The list of actors and actresses that I like that aren't over 40... is not too high. Talent is very hard to find, and exceptional talent that really wows you, is even rarer. So, when I actually find someone who is, well, geniunely good, I'm flabbergasted. And Matthew Gray Gubler is just that. If you want a taste of Gubler's personality, take a look at his website,, and you'll have all the ideas that you'll need. He's only really starting out as an actor, but as a graduate of Tisch College at NYU, which is already impressive, he has already been in 4 or 5 movies. Not to mention that he has written and directed a good amount of shorts.
    His greatest achievement at the moment, though, is co-staring in Criminal Minds, and this truly showcases his talent by giving him an interesting character and storylines to play with.
    I remember that when I found out he was in RV, I went and rented it and watched it with some friends. The movie itself was okay, but when he came on for his 5 minute role, I jumped up and down and said, "Look! Look! It's Matthew Gray Gubler!" and all of my friends went, "Who...?" Of course, his white trash character in that story was so contrasting with his anti-social, well kept, intelligent Reid that I was on the ground laughing for the next two scenes. Needless to say, my friends think I'm insane, but, then again, I'm sure that they knew that already.
    He's got a lot ahead of him, and I think that he's going to make it big. With talent and good looks, he could be the next "Johnny Depp" that every girl from age 13-40+ dream about!
    I can't wait to see more.
  • dorky though he may seem... you just cant take your eyes off him...doesnt get the props he deserves

    i love criminal minds, its like one of the only shows that i love that is yet to get the axe from their network and matthew gray gubler is fantastic in it... for someone who was a model, who are normally percived as air heads who know nothing, to come into a show and play a genious who graduated from high school at 12 is just fantastic irony, i recently watched a short film of his that he made, and must admit that its possibly one of the strangest things i think ive ever seen in my life, so not only now do i know thats hes fantastic looking and he can act, hes also a talented director with a wicked sense of humour.
  • Well sorry aboute the bad rewiew i was just bored, haha

    Hello Strangers and Stalkers!
    I Hope that he\\\'s the guy Reid in Criminal Minds, and if he is i just wanna say that he\\\'s a really good actor. And i would like to see his movies, (I\\\'ve heard thet they\\\'re realy good) And Now i don\\\'t know what to wright, I suck at do Reiews,(sorry) haha, But it HAVE to be atleast 100 words, So I can say, that i watched Criminal Mind yesterday and i Liked that episode,kidnappers are allways intressting, (did that sound weard?)okay, i see thet i\\\'we written aover a hundred words so... Check out my website, It\\\'s a kinda visitors dry, haha

    Peace Out People
  • An unbelievably talented man with a mind and personality as beautiful as his appearance.

    Matthew Gray Gubler is truly the most talented, refreshingly unique, amazingly witty actor on television; and well, how could one not notice how gorgeous he is? Beyond the obvious though, I find it unbelievably generous of him to share his heart and thoughts with his fans so openly. He doesn't take his fans for granted in the least. His website makes this evident. He is a talent like the world rarely sees, and I only hope to see more of him. The grand success that Criminal Minds has became is thanks in no small part to his skills as an actor. He's beyond beautiful, beyond brilliant, and beyond anyone else you'll find anywhere.
  • Finally a celebrity without an ego as large as K2! Matthew is talented, funny, hot, interesting, intelligent and did i mentioned HOT?

    I think Matthew Gray Gubler is one seriously underestimated actor. He makes, by example, Dr Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds so realistic and believable. Besides working as an actor he is also a talented model, filmmaker and artist. How can one single person be so good at so many things? And like that wasn't enough he is ego isn't large at all, you understand that by checking his website. Handwritten and scanned in, haha. It looks very personal and down-to-earthed and this brilliant actor also answers all of his fan-mail. How many celebritys do that nowadays?

    Well, i think all Hollywood producers should hire him right now so we all can look at his gorgeous features and other flawless assets!
  • Reid is my all time favorite, and by far the hottest guy ever! Great actor and great guy!

    From all I've seen, MGG is an awesome guy!!! He doesn't care about what other people think (by way of his crazy socks) and he has impressive acting skills. He blew me away with his acting on Revelations. He made me cry. Anyway, he plays a character that I can really relate to, being put down by others, feeling left out, socially awkward, and many other things. I love watching him becuase I feel just like him and it's great to see his interaction with the other members, and they feel like part of my family too, because I wish I knew those kind of people too, esp. him. No one in the entire world could play a better Dr. Spencer Reid. The writers better not make him permanently addicted to drugs, or suffer a chip on his shoulder because of it, becuase then all that he stands for will be crushed, and there will no longer be a hero for people like the rest of us out there.
  • Criminal Minds has one of the best ensemble group of actors on TV today. Matthew Gublers' "Reid" is a major reason why.

    Reid ranks at the top of my list for all time favorite characters. I love Gublers' chameleon like ability of his to ease into a role and own it like a second skin. I hated it when Patankin left the show - but I have continued to watch. And as much as I admire the whole cast - if Gubler left I'm not so sure I would do the same. I'm surprised it took more than one or two auditions before they gave him the gig for CM. There must have been some fierce competition/talent. But kudos for the final decision to pick Gubler and kudos for picking all of these folks - they work well together and on screen it really gels. I am looking forward to Gubler having a very long and successful career.
  • What a Sweetie! He was even cuter in person!

    Not only is this show great, Mathew is too! I went to a pumkin patch over the weekend and Matthew was there with a couple of his friends. He was picking pumpkins enjoying his day like the rest of the patrons. It was not until we were in the line paying that people started noticing him. He very polity handle the little crowd of parents that started approaching him. He signed families receipts thanking them for their encouragments and even stopped to take a photo with a my freind and I. We apologized for being so excited but again he was kind. One of his friends even took the picture for us. I have ran into celebrities in and around Los Angelas before and by far he was the kindest. This experience will make watching his show even better!
  • He plays the gifted Dr.Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds

    The first episode of Criminal Minds I saw was Somebody's Watching and I saw Matthews awkward swim with the girl Lila. I was intrigued with him because he reminded me so much of a young Daniel Jackson(Stargate SG1). The next episode I saw him in was The Big Game/Revelations and did he impress me. He was kidnapped and abused and he acted like a real person would. He was frightened and he cried unlike the macho men that usually are sarcastic and laugh off torture. It was even more impressive because Reid may look fragile he had a great ammount of strength and was able to save himself.

    He is so beautiful and I can see Reid's torment in Matthew's eyes and facial expressions. I love intelligent ,quirky men and he personifies that. Those model looks don't hurt either. A model who can act. He really humanizes Reid for me and with just a look in his eyes or a catch in his voice,he can drive me too tears. I felt so bad for him when he told Morgan of his childhood torment in Elephant's Memory. When he cried,it felt like an actual memory.

    I hope Criminal Minds doesn't lose him. He's a gift and I won't watch the show without him.
  • WOW.

    I have two words to describe my feelings for Dr. Spencer Reid: HUUUUGE CRUSH!!! lol I mean he's gorgeous AND extremely intelligent, sensitive, caring and not arrogant(I don't know what he's like in real life but his character is at least). What more could a girl ask for?!?! He's pretty much my dream guy! hehe I obviously don't know what Mathew Gray Gubler is like as a real life person, but one thing I can certainly say is that he is definitely a very talented actor in everything he does ;0) Keep up the good work cutie!!! lol One more thing is for sure, as long as he's on the show I can guarantee I'll watch! =0)
  • 10
    Matthew Gray Gubler is my personal favorite hero and actor and I think that he is SO down-to-earth. I hope to meet him and be friends with him.

    He totally can play the part of Reid. I have been wondering if he really has that personality. I really hope he will star in a new movie or direct another movie. I also wish to be like him one day. I love his dog she is so cute. And me and him have so many things in common I think. He is a friend on my myspace. He is so kool and I hope yall will always love your favorite shows no matter how old you get cause I know I will. Dannie Ray McMichael
  • Whoa!

    I find this man to be totally amazing. He is absolutely fantastic as FBI Special Agent Doctor Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds.

    The way he plays the character is so heartfelt and moving plus he is totally amazing as it. I especially love how he played Reid when he had the drug issues. This is because he played it with such heart and emotion. :)

    Of course it totally help that he's unbelievably gorgeous and as Reid he is a total sex god. Lol. I personally have a total thing for geeks so I love Reid because he is, well duh, a total geek. I personally think that Reid is my perfect man. :):)
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