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  • just average...

    Matthew Gray Gubler is just an average actor. He really is not that great, but he's not terrible. He plays Dr. Reid on Criminal Minds and plays the character relatively well. I think my dislike for him is part the hate for the character and part the mediocre acting on his part. Anyways, I've only seen his as Reid on Criminal Minds so it's a little unfair for me to judge him on just that. His acting in the show just seems like saying lines and becoming the character a little. He really is just mediocre and I don't think he should get any more roles.
  • Talented actor

    A very brillian young actor who have lots of talent.
    He is really gifted, in this early age he achived so many things about acting.
    And his masterpiece is definately Dr. Reid, he is so awesome in acting this chrachter.
    He is doing his best by his body movement, his mimics and tone of his voice.
    I want to give my blessings to casting crew, they made a hell of a good job by casting him as Dr. Reid.
    I want to see him also in a big movie.
    I hope he will get lots and lots of awards because he deserves it so much.
  • Matthew, it is nice to see how the character you play comes to life and matures on the show.


    Matthew, it is nice to see how the character you play comes to life and matures on the show. It is refreshing to see some innocence played in your role in Dr. Spencer Reed. Great performance. Look forward to watching you on the show. Your role as Dr. Spencer Reed and how you internalize the character past Hx really reflects the character's personality, success,and fears. You made the character become realistic and humanistic.

  • Why hasn't this guy been on anything else before Criminal Minds?

    All right, so I know he was in "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou" as Intern #1, but since I haven't yet had the chance to see it, I'm not counting it. Besides, I'd take "Criminal Mind"'s Dr. Reid over Intern #1 any day of the week.

    Gubler's character on "Criminal Minds" is essentially a misunderstood genius who takes a lot of crap from everyone around him for his intellect. And it's not like there's anything he can do about it, so really, it's just mean. Gubler portrays the tortured doctor (3 PhDs by the age of 23) in such a way that makes quite a few people who watch the show want to coddle his character. And trust me, I've talked to a lot of them.

    His mannerisms are exactly what you would expect from someone who is afraid to speak up in matters for fear of being ridiculed. The look in his eyes when he knows he is about to embark on a potentially life-threatening venture is enough to make even the most emotionally-deviod person want to go "Aww!" In short, either Gubler knows what that is like, or he's just a great actor. My money's on the latter (which doesn't mean that I doubt that he could potentially be that smart!).

    Essentially, Matthew Gray Gubler is a highly underappreciated, underrated actor who deserves to be seen for the talented person he is. Oh, and did I mention he answers his own fanmail?
  • One look at Matthew Gray Gubler's personal websight should convince everyone that Matthew is a very talented young man.

    I think the role of Dr. Spencer Reid is an excellent example for the importance of intelligence in professional actions. Matthew Gray Gubler plays the role to perfection. Even though the show comes on late for most younger viewers perhaps he might have an impact on those viewers in their mid teens and up.

    CBS is really living up to the responsibility of promoting positive role models for young people and the general public to view. Matthew Gray Gubler, Eric Szmanda (CSI: Last Vegas) and Jonathan Togo (CSI:Miami) are three supporting players that make major contribution to each show. I mention those three actors as a means for planting a seed in some studio executive's mind for the future. The three of them would make a dynamite series, don't you think?
  • Who would have thought this endearing "nerd" began his public career as a male model? And yet, it makes sense if you look at him closely; you see the beautiful eyes,the great bone structure....

    But enough of that - why do we love the character of Spencer Reid and the actor who portrays him so skillfully? I can answer that question for myself - I love SMART. A male who may not be classically handsome to others becomes extremely sexy and good-looking to me if they are brilliant. What is so interesting about Matt Gubler is, I knew in real life he would be very similar to Spencer Reid - that he would be highly intelligent, very well educated, a bit shy and awkward until called upon to unravel a mystery or solve a complex puzzle. I wonder if his real Mom is anything like her television counterpart? If anyone knows, please respond somewhere in this Forum - I'll be looking.
  • "I am embarrasingly 1920s in style... Matthew"

    Matthew or S. Reid in CM is the only actor that keeps me watching the show. He do well in the show as the child prodigy trying to get out the shell of being the boy genious. He wants to be called a man and should be respected as a man. He is the the only character displaying the real profiling phase.
  • Please fix Reed's hair!

    Morgan is the sexiest one on the show, but Reed is pretty sexy himself, but with that haircut he looks ridiculous. Plus, fix this it is hard to look at him. Give him a Ryan Seacrest or Zack Efron. or something like that if he wants he hair straight.
  • spencer

    he is so good on the part he play,s if he left i lose interest
  • Red Carpet Interview with Matthew Gray Gubler

    Hi. We just posted an all new red carpet interview with Matthew Gray Gubler, from Criminal Minds. He dished on what he was like in college and what methods of travel he uses to get around New York. You might be surprised to find out what compulsive behavior he has and what kind of car he's driving. You can check out the full interview on our YouTube channel (Starcam Celebrities) or just follow the link.
  • Amazing actor, he is my favorite on the show!

    He is amazing, I think that he is the best actor on the series. He is talanted, plays the part excellentlly, well organized and very handsome. I don't think that you could have picked a better person to protray Dr. Reid. However, the rest of the cast is amazing as well. They are all complimentary to the others. They play nice with one another for the most part. But the quotes and the tides bit of their true soul's show through each situation. I can truly enjoy growing with each person as the season progress, and knowing that it just keeps getting better! Great job to all the cast and crew, writers and producers.. but most of all Matthew!
  • criminal minds is one of the most popular shows in Ireland. my whole family love it and just adore matthew gray gubbler.

    criminal minds is such a popular show here in Ireland.I love all the cast and think they all work so well together. My favourite has to be Matthew Gray Gubler! He plays the part of Spenser Reid so brilliantly. How he can be so smart and yet so vunerable at the same time is genius. His slightly geeky personality just adds to his charm. I love watching how all the characters bond and even my girls wouldnt miss it though that mite have something to do with Shemar Moore who plays Morgan. I have to say he has to be one of the most gorgous men in the world.Series 5 hasnt started here yet and we eagerly await it. Keep up the good work x
  • THe Best

    Matthew Gubler is the perfest man for playing Spencer Reid. He has that geekyness about him. I know that being told that you are geeky isn't a great comment. In Matthew's case it is the best thing ever. Wearing glasses makes him not as handsome but he is handsome anyway. The first time my friend saw him she almost fell out of her seat. When I first saw the show I new instantly new he was going to be my favorite character. Almost everyone in my family watch this show except my father who thinks cop shows are brainwashing people I told him this isn't a cop show but, regular cop shows like the CSI francise and the NCIS francise are great too. Anyway all the women in my family think he is so hot (and I agree).
  • genius and a chipmunk?

    Matthew Gray Gubler. I think he's adorable. I became obsessed with his character Spencer Reid on (one of my favorite shows, maybe I'm just biased) Criminal Minds. I thought he was just another nerdy FBI agent, but was proved wrong when he developed a drug problem and fell for a young Hollywood starlet. But besides the fact he's great in Criminal Minds...He's a chipmunk in Alvin and the Chipmunks the movie!!! Isn't that adorable? Gubler's ever growing hair is also another thing to love about him. I think he's just great, walking down red carpets in crutches and posting his, um, eccentric pictures on twitter.
  • A big fan that needs help

    PLEASE READ if everyone could give a 1.00 up to 5.00 it will add up and it would be a huge blessing 8tjs
  • P-E-R-F-E-C-T!

    Just love him!
  • Mr. Reed

    I love you so much you are indeed my favorite actor I think they did an awesome job with your character on Criminal Minds, I hope someday I can meet you. My mom passed away on May 20,2013 and she loved you as much as I do, just wanted to say keep up the good work and hopefully my dream will come true in meeting you. Your biggest fan, Terese Beamon a chick from Thibodaux,La.
  • Apart from just being awesome!

    Okay, I have seen Mr. Gubler in 500 days of summer and I really wanted to see him in more of that but in Criminal Minds, he is my 1st favorite character, whereas Penelope is next. Spencer is my favorite character because he is so cute, his back story is cool, when we watched it in 'Epilogue' about how his dad might be a killer and he doesn't just bring the nerdiness and the comedy of being the smartest man in the room but I know that he loves to play that character and he's having fun while he is! Keep being yourself!
  • Matt, please don't leave Criminal Minds!

    Best ACTOR on the show! He is just brilliant! Plz don't leave Season 9! :( The show is just dead to me if he leaves!
  • Our dr. Reid

    I have nothing else to say except - just love him!!!!!!!!!!

    Brilliant actor and cant wait to see more of him.
  • Spencer Reid

    I really love Spencer Reid, in my mind he is so cool I only wish I was like him. U see I have a hard time making friends and understanding things. but not when it comes to movies and somethings that I read or TV stuff. The shows I watch the most r Criminal Mind, CSI LA,CSI MIAMI,CSI NY, Castle, The Mentalist, NCSI LA, NCSI DC and a whole lot more. But I really like the Criminal Minds cause Its somewhat a show that some people can understand why there lives r so much more to them now than later down the road. its hard for some to get this but me I somewhat see Criminal Minds as a way to see what other family's and friends have gone through and try to help them see that the best way u could help the one u lost is by living ur life for them and helping others on the way.
  • He is the whole package, he has looks, he's smart, has a nice build and great personality and the rest of the stars compliment him and each other.

    I love the show and I admit it was hard to pick a favorite, but he is smart, has personality and he is good looking! *Please quit cutting his hair, it is part of his personality. The show has a great plot and always ends on a note that leaves you pondering about that particular episode. I've always been a fan of this type of show, but they are above the mark! I do not miss an episode, if I don't watch it live I set up the DVR. Each individual has their own unique personality and add something special to this show and every season and every episode. I've never seen an episode that I didn't like but there are a few that I have saved on my DVR because they are that good! Thumbs UP!
  • Where do I start?


    Seriously, where do I even begin with him. He really is a fantastic actor, a quality human being, great director. There's so much to say about him. He seems genuine, down to earth, enthusiastic, and an intelligent person. He's a unique celebrity in a world of unique celebrities. That sounds weird I know but a lot celebrities have their own quirks and things that make them stand out from the others. But when we're talking about Matthew, he seems to be a whole new brand of unique. He gives his fans a new name fands (fans/friends), he seems to use the word thank you quite frequently, he did all his own artwork for his website. He made the sounds as well. In fact, just about anything Matthew does, if it's a list or even a short letter he'll write it out on paper at home before he posts to Twitter or his tumblr. He spends over two hours meeting around 600 people/fans after a pajama/college storytime thing. Sorry couldn't come up with a better word at the moment. Then there's his mismatching socks and his story behind that, his paintings/artwork, how he views life. He just keeps blowing you away. I could go on about him but I think I'll leave that for my many Tumblr posts.

  • Ohhh how I love him!


    He is a Phenomenal actor, funny and HOT! I love him very much, especially because of his role on Criminal Minds as Dr. Spencer Reid. He plays the role amazingly ,and makes the cutest nerd in the entire history of the world! Everytime I watch the show (which is every day) Reid just makes me giggle because of the amazing way Matthew potrays the character. If he didnt do such a great job I wouldnt be able to love the character as much. Unfortunatly I've never seen him in anything else so I have to base my love for him on Criminal Minds.

    He is my favoritist actor of all time. My ultimate dream is tomeet him!He is an awesome actor,he seems like a very good guy and he's just awesome! (And smokin'hot!)I

  • A fun and talented guy!!!


    This guy has loads of talent! He can act really well, he does magic which is hot, and the episodes he's directed so far are amazing! On top of all that he's also a genuinely fun guy that loves interacting with fans, has a great sense of humor and is SO unbelievably down to earth despite his recent successes. He;s young, charismatic, adventurous, quirky in a good way and Super cute hence the modeling gigs. I hope to see a lot more of MGG!!!!!

  • Love him!

    I love him as he is a personal favorite and that he brings not just nerdiness makes it look cool and cute
    Very talented actor and hope and pray that if the show is over(Hopefully not for a long, long, time LOL!!)
    He will break out as he does have a wonderful future ahead of him!
  • Matthew Gray Gubler.. A hot dork!

    Although Matthew had a small role in The Aquatic life.. in which it wasn't all that great, his role that is. He has a much larger role in Criminal Minds. His dorky but genious character, Dr. Reid, is hot in a way only Matthew could play it. He has a very young, plesant look about him which makes him all the more appealing. I really like the show, Criminal Minds and I think Matthew will be a hit in more movies to come.
  • Endearing, funny, and to top it off, adorable.

    Matthew Gubler has quickly become one of my favorite actors on television. I am intrigued by his character, especially his 'autistic leadings' because my brother is autistic. Maybe this is why I find his character so endearing. His portrayel of the awkward genius is original, hilarous and heartwarming. I especially love his interactions with the rest of the BAU team, especially Morgan.
  • My review of him

    OMG he is so totally gorgeous!! he is the epiphany of a perfect man. i love him. he is absolutley amazing. he\'s a fab actor and he really brings something to criminal minds : quantico. its amazing i mean he can act and he can direct which isn\'t very common i don\'t think. u shud so totally giv him a spot on the 50 hottest celebrities, preferably number 1
  • I am someone who has never considered myself a television watcher, but when I got pregnant, my late night outings stopped and I became an addict..thanks to this show. Spencer dragged me into the drama, I frequently find myself talking out loud, expressing

    Gubler's character, Spencer, is the most believable dramatic act I have ever seen...I used to watch t.v. He brings me evening entertainment that I am excited to talk about the next morning, perhaps because I remember what I did the night before, and I was actually thoroughly enthused. Matthew Gray Gubler is underrated and perhaps under appreciated. I would love to see him in more scenes for this show, as well as some appearances in other shows. His boyish good looks and innocent charm give him my vote as becoming the next "it" guy. Admitting I have this addiction is the first step in realizing that I don't want help.
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