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    • Matthew: (discussing Twitter) I was on, Joe was on and Kirsten was on. That was around the time all the other losers got on. We're moments away from being all onboard, which I'm proud to take a tiny bit of credit for. [Moore] texted me pretty late last week: "I'm going to Brazil, but when I get back, I'm signing up for Twitter!" I like tweeting as him. Any time I get to play a joke on Shemar, I'm happy, and I think he feels the same. That's some of my favorite stuff. I might just continue doing that.

    • Matthew: (describing Criminal Minds' untitled spin-off show starring Forest Whitaker) It's like 'Criminal Minds: Lower East Village.'

    • Matthew: (discussing his directorial debut on Criminal Minds) If given the choice, I would direct every episode of the show for free.

    • Matthew: (when asked if he will be dancing again after his knee injury in 2009) I'm on very strict instructions not to do anything until October of 2010. I can't really do anything other than walk, so no running or dancing. I'm sure the show won't believe me when I say that. They really have no understanding. They've called my doctor, and I think they think my doctor is like a paid actor who's lying to them.

    • Matthew: (discussing his knee injury in 2009) I just basically dismantled the knee to the point where they were talking about experimental surgeries in Norway. They weren't even going to try what they did because they thought it might be a lost cause. But they screwed me back together, hoping it would work and thinking it wouldn't, and luckily my body completely took back everything. A lot of times cartilage won't re-adhere because there's not much blood in it, but it was a miracle that it worked. I ended up not losing anything at all. I'm pretty much back to normal.

    • Matthew: (about being offered the role on Criminal Minds) I was like 'They really wanna cast me?' and they [Criminal Minds producer] were like 'yeah.' and I was like 'cool.'

    • Matthew: (about the first season of Criminal Minds) The first season of the show I convinced myself I was becoming a profiler and I would find myself watching my friends and saying 'Oh, he's not eating all that he must..' then I realize I'm not really that smart at seeing that someone has a half plate of food isn't really that much of a genius attribute.

    • Matthew: (about his family) My family still knows I'm an idiot, thank god.

    • Matthew: (describing his character, Dr. Spencer Reid) He's kinda like Doogie Howser, if he had a gun.

    • Matthew: I never in a million years thought I would be an actor.

    • Matthew: (about his family's reactions to him being casted in a dark crime drama such as Criminal Minds and why does the documentaries) To be cast on this heavy, dark crime drama, when I've always had an affinity for comedy, was a shock for my family. The documentaries keep me from losing my mind in the darkness.

    • Matthew: (about which was the toughest thing he's done) The toughest acting I've ever done was on those terrible runway catwalks. These days I can't even walk into cafeterias without feeling self-conscious.

    • Matthew: (about being an intern for Wes Anderson) I was maybe the worst intern in history. I don't even know what couscous is.

    • Matthew: (about his jump from Intern in Wes Anderson's NYC production to playing another intern in the movie The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou) I had to get a perm. I went from getting mango chutney for these guys (Wes and his production crew) to all of a sudden having production assistants and cars. I was just sitting around, relaxing with this perm. It was the ugliest perm in the history of cinema. They said it would be a cool perm, and I was like, 'Are you mad? Perms aren't cool.'

    • Matthew: (about being in the flow of things and hobbies) I guess I'm just in the flow and riding the wave. Every two years you change hobbies and try to become successful at them.

    • Matthew: (about his paintings and art shows in America) People have contacted me about doing an art showing in America, but I haven't focused on that. The show's (Criminal Minds) picked up the pace in the second season and I feel bad selling myself to be honest. I'm not really classically trained in acting or painting.

    • Matthew: (about his character and being noticed on the streets by people) I'm so lucky people seem to really respond well to him. I never thought I'd be an actor, let alone getting noticed on the streets.

    • Matthew: (about his style) I am embarrasingly 1920s in style. I like to be in bed at 11, and I like to get 11 hours of sleep. I've been to three parties in my life and two of them with [co-star] Shemar [Moore]. He's slowly trying to wean me into [that scene.]

    • Matthew: (about the competition between his show, Criminal Minds and ABC's Lost) It's weird, it doesn't [bother me]. It should and I think it bothers some of my compatriots. I'm honored with the fact that we do incredible numbers and we're beating Lost, but, how to express this? I'm happy the people are watching our show are the real people.

    • Matthew: (about directing his own short-films) I think I'm a much better filmmaker then an actor. It's become so much easer to make films, you don't need to get 16 mm rigs or heavy equipment and you don't need thirty people to shoot a short film. You can do it all alone, but really now there's no excuse to not make movies.

    • Matthew: (talking about a shirt with a drawling of himself that he drew himself) Anytime someone wears a picture of themself drawn by themself on their own shirt you can--yeah I feel like a jerk.

    • Matthew: (describing to the cameraman what he looked like when he was young) That's me, I look like a sort of like a fat Meg Ryan.

    • Matthew: (joking about what he tells others about himself) You know I tell people that I was relentlessly beat-up in junior high and no one believes it.

    • Matthew: (about where he lives) I Live in the worst part of Hollywood, in a old hotel in the 1920's really cool. But this is three times the size of my place in New York and it's awsome.

    • Matthew: (joking about his co-star Shemar Moore's six pack abs) My six pack is better then Shemar's. Tell Shemar I said my six pack is a little better then his. It's a seven pack.

    • Matthew: (about watching crime scene shows) I've never really seen crime shows, other then Murder She Wrote.

    • Matthew: (about which Reid He likes better) I kinda like the old school Reid a little more. Naïve Reid. I was doing the math in my head during the drug addiction script. In like 30 episodes, he's been held hostage three times, has killed two people, a kid he identified with slashed his wrists in front of him, he was shot full of heroin.

    • Matthew: (joking about his character) In the first episode I'm like Macaulay Culkin. I'm so young. Now I look really old and decrepit.

    • Matthew: (joking about his modeling days) It was during the time when there where really emaciated weirdos modeling, it wasn't like they were looking for Fabio.

    • Matthew: (about Dr. Reid being a nerdy sex symbol as well as gaining ground with other sex symbol's McSteamy From 'Grey's Anatnomy' and Sawyer from 'Lost') It's pretty bizarre because I was stupendously awkward-looking up until about tenth grade. I Looked like a flapper from the 1920s, with the body of a troll.

    • Matthew: (thinking he had toothpaste on the side of his mouth) I will literally stop in the middle of scenes to check.

    • Matthew: (on being a neat freak) I mopped my floor for two hours today.

    • Matthew:(about his career) I guess I'm just in the flow and riding the wave. Every two years you change hobbies and try to become successful at them.

    • Matthew: (about how old he was when he got into acting) It was really when the show started that I got into it. I did filmmaking and through a roundabout manner, I got into this. I was 25 when the show started.

    • Matthew: (about why he wears two different socks) My grandmother told me at a very early age that it was good luck not to wear matching socks, which I've come interpret to as bad luck to wear matching socks because the one time I wore matching socks in ten years was when I was acting in this movie called The Life Aquatic. We were doing a moment where Bill Murray is leading us in exercises and somehow I managed to sprain my ankle on camera. It actuallly wound up being in the movie. I attribute that entirely to me wearing matching socks.

    • Matthew: (about his fans) I'm beyond proud and happy - I never imagined I would have one fan, and there seems to be a few. I just couldn't be happier that people seem to like what I'm doing and seem to respond to it. If they weren't there, I don't know what I'd be doing right now.

    • Matthew: (comparing the similarities between his character and himself) He's not too similar. He's a genius and I'm technically a functionally retarded [laughs]. In the show, Reid was sort of hand-picked from college. He's in the FBI, but he didn't strive to achieve that or have any intention of doing that. Gideon (Mandy Patinkin) recruited him and I feel kind of akin to that because I had no real intention of being an actor or being on a show. I've sort of fallen into it. Reid makes the most of it and so do I. It's fun and quite an honor.

    • Matthew: My hobby is doing magic tricks. I've taken magic lessons since I was five years old. When I was little, I would wear a top hat and cape, and I'd get relentlessly beat up by jocks. That's why I don't care for sports.

    • Matthew: (about his webpage's design) The design was born out of not knowing anything about programming and what would be the simplest way of getting information out. I'm not the biggest fan of technique. I wanted to do a simple, honest, hand-written web page.

    • Matthew: I have no idea how I managed to slime my way onto prime time t.v. but I am impressed with myself.

    • Matthew: (about growing up in Las Vegas) It's not as weird as it seems - there's a huge residential town apart from the hotels.

    • Matthew: (about being known from Criminal Minds) Being known opens all sorts of doors. I had a medical problem and when I had to go to UCLA I found everybody seemed to know of the show and my character. I'm hoping they realized I was an actor and not Dr. Reid. But I got very quick attention.

    • Matthew: (On not putting a link on his website to the music video he directed for Whirlwind Heat) I might sound like a pretentious psychopath.

    • Matthew: These days I can't even walk into cafeterias without feeling self-conscious.

    • Matthew: The toughest acting I've ever done was on those terrible runway catwalks.

    • Matthew: Why does everyone in L.A. dress like they are from some horrible version of the future?