Matthew Johns

Matthew Johns


7/27/1971, Cessnock, NSW, Australia

Birth Name

Matthew Johns



Also Known As

Trent The Flight Steward, Trent., Ol' Reggie Boy, Reg Reagan, MJ, Matty, Matt, Reg, Reggie, Psycho Boy.
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Matthew "Matty" Johns is a former professional rugby league player who has made a mark for himself in television since his retirement due to a back injury in 2002. Before that, he had a prolific career, playing for his club, the Newcastle Knights, and also representing NSW and…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • His first foray into the entertainment industry was in 1999, when he and fellow Newcastle Knights players Robbie O'Davis, Matthew Gidley and brother Andrew Johns made a low budget film called In Search Of The Holy Grail.

    • On his DVD All Of Me, Matty Johns (in character as Reg Reagan) and his band, Reg Reagan and The Knucklemen, released their song Am I Ever Gonna See The Biff Again?. This was sung to the tune of The Angels' 1977 hit Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again?.

    • He has released two DVDs for his character Reg Reagan, All Of Me and Blood, Sweat and Beers.

    • He often used to express annoyance during his league career that his brother Andrew got more attention than he did, which is part of the reason his Footy Show characters often poke fun at Andrew, calling him names like "Barge Arse" (referring to his generously proportioned backside), "Your Majesty" and questioning his sexuality.

    • Matty's father once claimed on The Footy Show while he was being interviewed that if he hadn't become a professional league player "he probably would have become a cross-dresser", referring to his love of dressing up as a child.

    • He played four State Of Origin matches for New South Wales.

    • He was part of the 1995 Australian squad that won the Rugby League World Cup, playing in eight matches.

    • He played outside his younger brother Andrew (a halfback) during his time at the Newcastle Knights, and for NSW and Australia.

    • His lesser known Footy Show characters include Trent the Flight Steward, a homosexual American flight steward, and Randy Discotelli, an American fitness instructor.

    • He is also a Channel 9 league commentator.

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