Matthew Kelly

Matthew Kelly


Urmston, Lancastershire, England

Birth Name

Matthew Kelly



Also Known As

Matty, Mathew Kelly
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    • Matthew: (on quitting light entertainment) My heart is not in it anymore and for me it's lost its glitter. I had a good innings but I got the opportunity to move on. Filming drama, you spend hours sitting around drinking tea and laughing with your mates. Who wouldn't want to do television drama?

    • Matthew: (on his role of Lennie in Of Mice and Men) It's a double-edged sword. People will go: 'Ohh, look, Matthew Kelly is on at the theatre. What's he in? Of Mice and Men? Nah, I won't bother with that.' Or they'll go: 'Ohh, Of Mice and Men is on at the theatre. Who's in it? Matthew Kelly off the telly. Nah, I'll not bother with that.' It can go either way.

    • Matthew: It's amazing, at my age, 51, to live with my parents. Cups of tea in the morning, dippy eggs on the weekend, my mum debobbling my sweaters and asking: 'Got any laundry, dear?'

    • Matthew: (after winning the Olivier Award months after the sex abuse allegations) Winning this means that I never have to mention that year again. It was terrible what we went through, and so I hope this means I can move on.