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  • MY BabySitters a Vampire

    it would of been nice if Ethan could of stay that way a vampire that is i wonder

    want Sarah and Ethan relationship would of been like if Ethan was a vampire as well i think it's nice to see to human or to vampire lovers together am hoping that wall get to see Ethan again as a vampire i hope that there well be another movie of my babysitters a vampire that would be nice and really great all be waiting for that day...moreless
  • After watching The Good Witch I had no choice but to say how I feel.

    Ok after just seeing the Hallmark movie The Good Witch I just had no choice but to review actor Matthew Knight. I feel that I must review Matthew Knight.

    There are actors that arent great, there are actors who are pritty great then there are actors who are outstanding and you feel there emotion. Matthew Knight is the outstanding actor you never heard of because he is too young. Hear this though. Matthew Knight is a great actor and not just any typical child actor that isnt just cute but very talented.

    In The Grudge 2 is when I saw Matthew Knight for the first time. I found him by skipping the channels one night when I saw the scence of anything typical that would be on and I saw the final part of The Grudge 2. I then watched the full movie. I felt his emotion of being scared and wow he is an outstanding at crying. The ending questions me the rumors of him being in The Grudge 3 and hopefully he is.

    The Good Witch is another great movie that I saw last night and again today and I have to say WOW yes in capitals. Matthew Knight must be outstanding for his role as a kid who has bully problems. Matthew Knight in common in Grudge 2 had the feeling of emotion in this movie blew me away again. I saw every emotion that can go into a kid to an adult on fears that just jump threw you. The scenes like where he was trying to avoid his bully and after he gets pushed it seems that Matthews eyes just jump and show all his emotion. I loved the ending with him in the movie. I just found it strage that he looks the same age as 2006 movie The Grudge 2 which I feel that he didnt grow up much, though I have to say Matthew is still cute which is hard to do when you become a teenager.

    Though yes I had chances and thought it would be smart to watch For A Love For A Child where I hear Matthew played an abused child. And Itimate Stanger where I hear he has a seen where he isnt wearing a shirt. I saw the trailer of Skinwalkers though that movie looks terrible there is a seen where is character is being chocked and saved by a man, yes that sounds strange though the whole movie looked strage. I feel from The Grudge 2 and The Good Witch is great enough. Fear is his Matthew Knights best friend because I feel it in both movies plus any has a cute smile.moreless