Matthew Laborteaux

Matthew Laborteaux


12/8/1966, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Birth Name

Matthew Charles Laborteaux



Also Known As

Matt Laborteaux, Matthew Labyorteaux
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Trivia and Quotes

  • brother albert

    #1, albert is so adorable. i LOVE the pale skin, dark eyes, slender & tall build, and red kool-aid lips. -- he has many admirers. - #2, where is he?
  • Matthew Laborteaux is a man with a great loving spirit. Not only did he bring the character of Albert Ingalls alive for all of us to love, but he himself has a wonderful heart and he continues illuminating our world with his God given gifts and presence.moreless

    Matthew Laborteaux is exactly my age and he is either six days older or one day younger than me, depending on the real date of his birth. When I think about Matthew I can't help but admire all that this man has overcome in his 39 years of life so far. Being first and foremost an adopted child, I feel for him because of the emotional pain that he has probably had to deal with in knowing that his biological father and mother were not there for him as a baby. It's possible that later on as he grew older he somehow got in touch with them in order for him to have some kind of closure. Not only did he deal with the truth of being adopted, but he also relives this experience as an orphan in his character of Albert Ingalls. Especially in two episodes entitled, the " Family Tree" and "May We Make Them Proud". I find it heart wrenching when Matthew relives the feelings of abandonment through Albert after he runs away to Olney to his good for nothing father, Jeremy Quinn only because he feels he has no one to turn to and love him anymore. Matthew must have coincided some of the feelings of his character Albert with his own feelings in knowing of his real life adoption. I don't believe that he could separate the ficticious experience from the real experience. This was a life changing experience that can not be soon dealt with or forgotten.

    Matthew is a man who has a kind and giving heart. I have always believed that when one experiences great suffering, this allows that soul to be caring, empathetic, compassionate wise and understanding to the needs of others. Matthew has all of these virtues. People who know him only have good things to say about him. God has blessed this man and Matthew radiates God's love to all that he encounters. I'm not saying that he must not have his faults like anyone else, but it's Matthew's inner spirit that shines forth in his everyday ordinary living; and it's God's love in Matthew that others are touched by in an exordinary way. May God bless you always Matthew Laborteaux all the days of your life. May you always turn to God to help you with any major life decisions that come your way. I am praying for you .moreless