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Forums: Matthew Lawrence Board: Matt's In A Major Drought

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    [1]Sep 20, 2006
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    With Joey on Dancing With The Stars & Andrew guesting on Runaway, Matt hasn't done anything in a long time!  Since The Hot Chick, Matt turned down three or four movie deals as well as losing an NBC pilot that failed.

    The last time Matt ever...

    Had a big role in anything (50% or better); Jumping Ship

    Broadcast TV; CSI:  Miami (CBS)

    Cable (outside movie & BMW reruns); TV Guide's 100 Most Unexpected Moments

    Did a talk show; Donny & Marie (1998-2000 talk show)

    Sang; Boy Meets World

    Will any of these droughts ever be broken?  Or has Matt thrown in the acting towel to become a zoologist?  If so, it would be the 2nd set of acting brothers where one threw in the towel.  You'll have to go back to 1935 when Zeppo Marx turned the Marx Brothers Quartet into a trio (Chico, Harpo & Groucho).

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